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Benjamin Miller, Ben Miller (II)
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Half way through a PhD in Physics at Cambridge University, Ben met Alexander Armstrong (who was also studying there) in 1992. Instead of finishing his PhD, Ben chose to scrap science for comedy and started playing at 'The Comedy Club Footlights', Cambridge. After four years of touring pubs…more


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    • (Ben on whether he prefers to write, produce, act or direct)
      Ben Miller: Whichever one I'm doing at the time! I try and vary it a bit. And I feel I learn a lot about acting when I'm directing, and vice versa. I just love being involved in things that I think are good, whatever capacity it's in.

    • (on working with children in the Australian mockumentary "Razzle Dazzle".)
      Ben Miller: It was great fun, because their reactions are so natural and believable. Somehow I think we lose that immediate ability to enter a world of make-believe as we get older. And all the girls in the film are such fantastic dancers - they were always doing back flips and triple somersaults between takes.

    • (on the comparison between "Primeval" and "Doctor Who")
      Ben Miller: I'm a huge Doctor Who fan and have been all my life, but Doctor Who fans don't need to worry. They will enjoy this as much but it's a whole different experience. When you watch them you'll see that the two are not even remotely similar but I can see why people are trying to make a comparison.

    • (On playing Howard in "Worst Week of My Life").
      Ben Miller: My wife is always laughing at me and saying I'm just like Howard in real life. I really, really love working on the series - it's just like being a kid all over again.

    • (On the distraction of comedy at University).
      Ben Miller: I think it's about the culture, you know. You get there, and the comedy club Footlights is very popular. All the students go, it's packed out, it's great fun. It gets you into the excitement of performing in front of a large number of people, because the comedy club there is so popular.

    • (On acting with special effects in "Primeval").
      Ben: You're basically staring into the space, pretending. It's not really acting, because you're not reacting to anything except your own imagination.

    • (On "Primeval").
      Ben: Those kinds of stories, which pit a person against something that could possibly eat them always hold our fascination. Jaws, Jurassic Park, King Kong - they're all the same kind of story. They're about people being chased by a monster.

    • (On Peter Cook)
      Ben: I was at the same party as him once but couldn't pluck up the
      courage to say anything. Pathetic really. Or maybe respectful. I'm not sure.

    • (On acting and directing).
      Ben: And I feel I learn a lot about acting when I'm directing, and vice versa. I just love being involved in things that I think are good, whatever capacity it's in.

    • (On how Rowan Atkinson is received by fans).
      Ben: He's a huge star all over the world. It really came home to me when we were shooting on location and Rowan and I were driving. We pulled up by a park that was full of foreign language students. One of them spotted Rowan and it was like watching a flock of birds take off! Basically just hundreds and thousands of foreign language students started running towards us, shouting "Meester Bean, Meester Bean, Meester Bean!" I thought we were going to be killed - killed by comedy enthusiasm. But that kind of affection for him is all over the world. These were people who clearly couldn't speak English and they loved him!

  • The Great Ben Miller

    I have liked Mr. Miller in everything I have seen him in. He was the person I loved to hate and hated to love in Primeval. I am sorry that he left Death in Paradise because he was the Doc Martin of detectives. The series isn't the same without him.
  • Funny and talented that is Ben Miller

    Ben Miller is both funny and talented. I love Ben Miller's portrail of the tight laced, suit wearing Lester in BBC America's show Primeval. I know he is supposed to be a character to DISlike, but I find myself liking him more each episode. Lester delivers some of the best one-liners on the show each week. I am not familair with Ben's other work, but I understand that his background is in comedy. I can totally see the comedic timing he has and he puts it to good use as the snarky, yet oddly loveable Lester. I really enjoy watching Ben do his work and will be looking to see more of him in other BBCA productions.moreless