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  • He rocks

    BOOYAKA! Mulroney is King!

    more words eh?
    eggs, bacon, ham, grapes, marmelade, egg mcmuffin, car 54 where are you? seriously where is car 54 when we need it, it's just like car 54. Whatever happened to that show? Why was it cancelled it should be remade I love car 54 where are you.... whoops over my limit!
  • Say... wasn't your dad the Prime Minister?

    Ben Mulroney is the host of both e-Talk Daily and Canadian Idol. I guess that as far as being a host goes, he does a good job. He doesn't make mistakes, he reads a teleprompter well, he's tall, good looking and personable. I find that when he talks, he always sounds like he's rushing a bit, like maybe that what he's saying is just so exciting he can't wait to tell the rest of Canada. I suppose that's a good thing in a host. As well, he's fully bilingual, and so can talk to people in either English or French, and he pronounces the French names properly.

    On to the bad points... he's a little wooden looking, I find. I know I said he's personable, but still he manages to come off as stiff as well. Which is annoying, sometimes. I guess the only person that I could compare him to is Ryan Seacrest and in a contest between those two, I'd pick Ryan as being friendlier and ... well, just less wooden.
  • Useless

    Ben Mulroney is completely useless and a failure as a human being. Since when does being the brain dead son of the most hated Prime Minister in the history of Canada make you qualified to be a TV personality? The guy can barely string two words together and can't go more than two minutes without preening his hair and staring at his own cheap spray on tan in the mirror. The guy is vapid, brain dead and above all just plain useless! Shows like e-Talk are a sign that our western society is going down the toilet. These people have nothing important to say and are a cancer!
  • Brian Mulroney should quit TV

    He has no wit, and no charm. He's smarmy and he was so bad at the Juno Awards I had to change channels. Why does he try so hard to be cool? He yells into the mic. Is this the best Canada has to offer? If so, it is so pathetic. He's very nervous. Did he get the job because he's B. Mulroney's son? All the more reason he shouldn't be hired. I have to criticize him so much because this this man shouldn't have this job. There must be some people out there with more charisma than Ben Mulroney.
  • Pampered Tool

    In the dictionary under "useless" there is a great big picture of this grinning, full-of-himself, tool. He's as intelligent as a lawn ornament with even less personality. Whenever I see this clown on my TV I have to fight the urge to throw the nearest blunt object through the screen. He's done nothing, he has no talent, he's stupid and he's not even funny. Why is he on TV? Is it because he's the son of Canada's most hated Prime Minister ever? How does that make sense? Somebody who has the power to get rid of this useless, pampered tool please show him the door!
  • Insipid!

    Ben Mulroney is a chip off the old tool!

    I laughed when I read the bio: like we don't have enough losers waiting in our political wings that we would even consider this spawn of the biggest non-Canadian...? But I digress...

    Not that an entertainment show like this is based on any kind of fact to begin with (oh yah, wait! I see the connection to politics now! Silly me!) but all you have to do is look at the guy and know he has never had an original thought in his life! He is a perfect spin puppet on an incredibly imperfect show.

    But at least he's found his calling and its not in the Halls of Parliament...
  • He stinks

    Ben Mulroney is the most useless human being I have ever ever seen on my TV and I do mean ever. Maybe Paris Hilton would be more air brained and useless than him on her show the simple life but I have never seen that show, in fact I was smart enough to steer clear of that so why not smart enough to stay away from this Mulroney tool on E Talk and Canadian Idol? Anyway this guy just drips of self-important, pompous uselessness, he is clearly an airhead and half of him seems to be plastic. At a dinner party I would dump boiling gravy in his lap and the guy is so dumb he would prob take three minutes to stand up and realize he was burning.