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  • Say... wasn't your dad the Prime Minister?

    Ben Mulroney is the host of both e-Talk Daily and Canadian Idol. I guess that as far as being a host goes, he does a good job. He doesn't make mistakes, he reads a teleprompter well, he's tall, good looking and personable. I find that when he talks, he always sounds like he's rushing a bit, like maybe that what he's saying is just so exciting he can't wait to tell the rest of Canada. I suppose that's a good thing in a host. As well, he's fully bilingual, and so can talk to people in either English or French, and he pronounces the French names properly.

    On to the bad points... he's a little wooden looking, I find. I know I said he's personable, but still he manages to come off as stiff as well. Which is annoying, sometimes. I guess the only person that I could compare him to is Ryan Seacrest and in a contest between those two, I'd pick Ryan as being friendlier and ... well, just less wooden.