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  • Trivia

    • Ben proposed to his girlfriend, fashion stylist Jessica Brownstein, on December 28, 2007, while the two were eating lunch at Nick's deli in Montreal. The two were married on October 30, 2008, at St. Patrick's Basilica in Montreal.

    • Ben Mulroney hosted the 'Me To We' conference held in Toronto on weekend of October 19 - 21, 2007. This conference was initiated by the Kielburger brothers (Craig and Marc) who started 'Free the Children', a non-profit organization.

    • On May 9, 2007, Ben participated in McHappy Day, working the drive-thru window at the McCowan & Finch McDonald's in Toronto, to help various charities.

    • In November, 2006, Ben was voted the Number 1 TV Entertainment Reporter in the Toronto Sun's 13th Annual Readers' Choice Awards.

    • On October 21, 2006, Ben left for Malawi on a UNICEF Field Trip to document how that foundation is assisting in building schools, furthering education and helping with AIDS education.

    • Although he studied law, Ben feels that he would have been a terrible lawyer, as he has no "killer instinct" and is too conciliatory.

    • Ben is quite up-front about the fact that he got his entertainment reporting job at CTV solely due to his name; he feels that not to have taken advantage of the edge that his family background gave him would have been stupid.

    • In 2002, Ben interviewed documentary film maker Michael Moore, a noted Liberal/Democrat. During the interview, Moore asked Ben Mulroney if he was related to "that jerk who used to run the country" (Brian Mulroney, Conservative) and was embarrassed to learn that Brian is Ben's father.

    • Ben is bilingual, speaking both French and English with ease.

    • Ben is the national role model for the Salvation Army Thrift Stores in Canada.

    • In 2005, while on tour for the audition portion of Canadian Idol, Ben received a birthday cake from fans in London, Ontario.

    • Ben has hosted the Red Carpet arrivals for CTV at many awards shows, including the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, as well as Canadian Awards like the JUNOS.

    • In 2004, Ben hosted a CTV special called Shania's Homecoming, in which he followed the happenings in Shania Twain's tour of her hometown, Timmins, Ontario.

    • Ben studied history at Duke University in North Carolina, then received his law degree from Laval University in Quebec City, Quebec.

    • Ben made his big-screen, Hollywood debut playing a reporter in the 2005 movie Fantastic Four.

    • In 2004, Ben was nominated for a Gemini Award in the category of "Viewer's Choice", but lost to Mike Holmes.

  • Quotes

    • (about his role on "Canadian Idol")
      Ben: This show is first and foremost about the singers, and then about the judges, and maybe if we're lucky after that, and we have time, it should be about the host.

    • (on his "boy-next-door" good looks)
      Ben: I am accessible, but I didn't live next door. I lived next door to the French embassy, so when [the press] say that, it's a compliment. It means I'm slightly more grounded than they expected.that means I was raised well, and I don't take myself to seriously, and I shouldn't.

    • (on conducting "Red Carpet" interviews)
      Ben: You get a plot of land the size of postage stamp and you've got to have useless information in your head. You have to know how to cut a star short [during a conversation] because there's a bigger one next to them. It's all a blur the next day, so you hope that the bosses like it.

    • (on his son's fame)
      Brian Mulroney: I went out to lunch with a colleague today and I was inundated on the street. It was like an election campaign, except I'm no longer Prime Minister Mulroney. I'm now Ben's father, and that pleases me no end.

    • (on using his family name to get ahead)
      Ben: Of course the name gives me an edge. And anyone who says that's wrong is an idiot. Everyone uses the edges they're given. If they don't want to use their edge then fine, I'll use mine to get ahead of them.

    • Ben: Idol has and continues to be one of the most satisfying job experiences I've had. The tremendous support from the viewers has inspired me to aim even higher this season to be the best Idol host out there.

    • Ben: My dad has had five or six careers in his life. Like him, I don't plan to stick to one gig my entire life. I can have a flexible career because of my diverse background, but a career in politics is not part of my grand plan.