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    • One of Ben's favorite things to do when he was a kid was when he played Santa Claus as shown in Robyn Archer's music video: Eatin' on the Plane released on the ABC for Kids Video Hits in 1991.

    • Ben is 5' 11" and weighs 198 lbs. His eyes are blue and he is blonde.

    • One of Ben's earliest appearances as a dancer for The Wiggles was in Wiggly, Wiggly, World, a video done in 2000.

    • Ben joined the Wiggles cast on the Australian December tour in 1999. He was the youngest of the adult dancers.

    • Ben is a natural blond, but he dyed his hair black to play Captain Feathersword in some of the Dorothy The Dinosaur TV show episodes in 2005. He has black hair in Season Four (The Wiggles Show). In 2006 and 2007 he reverted back to blond hair.

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