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Ben Nicholas


12/10/1987, Adelaide, Australia

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Benjamin Nicholas


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Benjamin Nicholas (born December 10, 1987, in Adelaide, Australia) is an Australian actor. He plays Scott "Stingray" Timmins on the Australian Soap opera Neighbours. Raised in Adelaide, South Australia, he currently resides in Melbourne, Australia where his show Neighbours is filmed. According to co-star Matthew Werkmeister, some of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ben is a big fan of both Friends and Alias.

    • Ben has acted in a couple of mini-series such as Chuck Finn and Scooter, as well as many commercials and fashion parades. He has also performed in many musicals, including The Boy from Oz, The Sound of Music, Singing in The Rain, Les Miserables and Oliver!

    • Ben's first acting role was an appearance in a commercial in 1991. Ben was aged three at the time.

    • Ben and his sister, Natasha, auditioned for the roles of the Hunter twins on soap Home and Away, but were not successful as the producers thought they looked too old.

    • Ben did not audition for his role as Stingray in Neighbours. While he was performing in Oliver, the casting director of Neighbours was in the audience. After seeing how much energy Ben had, they offered him the role of hyperactive Stingray on Neighbours.

    • In 2005, Ben worked at the The Dragonfly Theatre & Cabaret Restaurant in Melbourne.

    • In 2005, Ben received a Logie Awards Nomination for 'Most Popular New Talent (male) for his portrayal of Scott "Stingray' Timmins in Neighbours.

    • Ben attended Carey Grammar School.

    • Ben's parents are Mick and Jodie. He has one younger sister, Natasha.

    • Ben's theatre credits are as follows:
      Jack and the Beanstalk (Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, England) 2006
      9 to 5 (The Dragonfly Theatre & Cabaret Restaurant, Melbourne) 2005
      A Bunch Of Ratbags (Theatreworks, (Melbourne) 2005
      Neighbours Rocky Horror Show, (Melbourne) 2004
      Oliver! - The Artful Dodger (Melbourne) 2002
      Singin' in the Rain - Young Cosmo & Don 2002
      The Sound Of Music - Kurt von Trapp 2001
      The Boy From Oz - Young Peter Allan 2000
      Les Miserables - Sam 1999

    • At Christmas time, Ben is one of the Neighbours regulars who travel to the UK to perform in pantomimes.

    • Ben moved from Adelaide to Melbourne for his Neighbours role in 2002.

    • Ben has the nickname of "Flash".

    • Ben has a cat named Coco and a dog named Lassie.

    • In 2006, Ben was an Ellerton Awards Winner of 'Best stage dancer with Chris Heyes (male).

    • Ben has decided to leave Neighbours in order to travel to the UK and perform in pantomimes. He also hopes to find some 'action' roles. He finishes filming in November, but will be seen on-screen until 2007.

    • Ben's favourite films are The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings 1, 2 and 3 and Snatch.

    • Ben studied drama, singing, jazz, tap and classical dance for over a decade.

    • In 2000 he sang the National Anthem at the SANFL Football Grand Final.

  • Quotes

    • Ben: I think the writers (on Neighbours) are doing a great job with Scott's ADHD, I do worry that I'm doing ok portraying someone with ADHD, any issues like this can be difficult for those who are involved, as you know. I think it's important for everyone to know that we are all different and not everyone's life is as smooth as others. What's normal anyway? I think we are all a little different in our own way.

    • Ben: (explaining what the term 'Cake Taker' means) Cake taker is a replacement for a swear word, I can't say them on this site but along the lines of idiot or moron. Stingray is a character who would use lots of colourful language but this is Neighbours and the real words wouldn't be appropriate!

    • Ben: (explaining what the word 'Spiggin' means) Spiggin' is a great word, I don't use it though but I have heard others say it. It can have multiple meanings, it's like a replacement swear word (say maybe the S word), I can't really say much more than that on the this site but I'm sure you get the gist of it.

    • Ben: If I could work with any actor it would have to be Johnny Depp. He is cool.

    • Ben: (on playing a hyperactive character on "Neighbours") It's very hard to play a hyperactive character all the time, I try my best, but I end up collapsing at the end of the day.

    • Ben: (on his choice of dancing) I do Break Dancing and Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk Tap and Musical Theatre. I am not really like 'Scott' in real life, although I can be pretty cheeky.

    • Ben: (on being recognised) It's really weird , all of a sudden people look at you differently, and end up doing 'double takes'. It's been very gradual, so you get to deal with it in small amounts.

    • Ben: I have mainly come from a theatre background, I did Oliver here I played the Artful Dodger and I did The Sound of Music. I've done a little bit of TV. I'm doing a little mini-series at the moment called Scooter.

    • Ben: (on the Sky/Stingray relationship on "Neighbours") Sky and Stingray have always just been really good friends, so this does come out of the blue. Steph and I felt a bit weird filming it because we have a brother and sister kind of relationship. We both started working on the show around the same time. This development takes the characters by surprise, too.

    • Ben: (describing his first scene on "Neighbours") My first scene was a streaking scene, I had to streak at a footy game, that's how I get introduced. That was my first scene on my first day! I did it in the middle of Optus oval and it was very cold. I was freezing, but everyone was really nice. I was really nervous, because I hadn't met anyone yet, but everyone was really cool about it.

  • Ben Nicholas as Stingray in Neighbours...i mean who cant just fall in love with him lol hes so damn cute!

    Ben Nicholas plays Stingray in Neighbours so well and hes so lovable...his first scene was kinda embarrasin i gess lol but the rest of it, especially the latest episodes...hes looked so cute and ...lovable, and shud be in more stuff on tv... yes, so we can see him sum more!!!