Ben Price

Ben Price


1/1/1972, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England, UK

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Benjamin Price


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Ben Price is a popular British TV, theatre and film actor who is probably best known for his portrayal of Conrad Gates in Footballers' Wives and as Corporate Director Nathan Spencer in the long-running BBC series Casualty. In 2009 he is due to appear in the fourth series of The Tudors.more


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    • Ben: I can't bear messy people. Fortunately my wife is fairly tidy, so that's not a problem. I sometimes find myself cleaning up my dressing room at Casualty.

    • Ben: I lead quite a healthy lifestyle I run, swim and cycle. I do it because I enjoy it. For me, its more about clearing my mind than for vanity reasons.

    • Ben: I'm the first actor in my family and probably the only one. No one pressured me to go into acting, I did it because I really enjoyed it.

    • Ben: The most expensive thing I've bought myself is a motorbike. Although I had it stolen the other week from outside my house. It was a Japanese import a Honda Fireblade. It was a rare bike you wouldn't see it around a lot. Which, I suppose, is the reason someone nicked it.

    • Ben: I'd done every possible storyline in Footballers' Wives. My character Conrad had been through pretty much everything apart from jail. It was time for a change I've locked up the Lamborghini and I'm done with the bleached-blond hairstyle, the fake tan, and the wives...

    • (About the famous Mile High scene in Footballers' Wives.)
      Ben: To say it was a baptism of fire would be an understatement - it was totally outrageous. I'd only been on set less than two weeks. This was one of the first scenes I'd done with Zoe. It was on a very hot day in the middle of July. We were totally naked - and more than the plane's windows were steaming up!