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  • It's too bad this talented actor was stuck with the BMW label.

    Ben Savage is obviously known for his role as Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World. While I enjoyed this character I feel bad for Savage. He played the ever change character on BMW almost perfectly. He could be goofy, serious, agressive, arrogant, and some times just down right funny.

    He recently guest-starred in the sitcom Still Standing, and I have to say he was as good, even in a non-starring role, as I remembered him when he was in the spot-light. It's plain to see that producers don't want a character saddled with a situation comedy/ family show stigma and that's why Ben hasn't had much more work. Which is really too bad, because producers and show creators are missing out on alot not casting him. Maybe he's not big screen caliber, but he could definately take another sitcom on a decent run.
  • A real cute little guy. Ben was the perfect charachter for BMW.

    Ben Savage was the perfect charachter to play Cory Matthews for Boy Meets World. He had the perfect look and personallity. I grew up watching him on boy meets world, and I always loved the show. If they would have picked Rider to play Cory, the show would have been crap. But yay! they made the riight choice. :)
  • Stunning performance for Ben Savage’s lifetime television show, “Boy Meets World”

    Ben Savage was born on Sept.13 1980 and is actually from Chicago, IL. He started his television career with an Appearance on a commercial. Ben is Jewish and he was best known for the television show, “Boy Meets World” 1993-2000. Ben then graduated from Stanford University in 2004 with a Masters degree in Political Science. Ben Savage became good friends with his former Boy Meets World co-star Matthew Lawrence. Ben savage was the most inspirational of all in the show Boy Meets World. Even though He has gone threw with his career of television, and his collage years, tons of watchers will indeed see that Ben Savage, the star of Cory Matthews did meet the world.
  • Cory Matthews is the Bomb!

    Yeah all right well i just want to say that Cory, Ben is one of the most talented actors in the whole world. He was so talanted was awesome, and he is the coolest person in the world. I love all the episodes that he was in, this was the bestb show ever written produced and pretty much everything about him is awesome even his older brother was good and his mom and his dad and sister and brother and sister and brother and sister and brother and sister and brother and sister and brother and sister and borther and sister.
  • Great actor. Should be used more! Love him.

    He was great in BMW. I think he should get more roles! I have had a crush on him since the first BMW. If he is anything like his role as Cory, I would love to meet him. Honestly, I think they could have kept the show going and still be doing fine. I would love to see them pick up where they left off! With Cory a/ Topanga married, with their jobs, maybe a kid, see what happens to his best friend and his brother. To see lil' brother,Josh, in Feeny's class. I love all the people who played and wish I could see them acting together again.