Ben Shenkman

Ben Shenkman


9/26/1968, New York, USA

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Ben Shenkman graduated New York University in 1992, in which he gained a Masters in Fine Arts degree. He began his acting career with a small role in Law and Order in 1993. Upon launching his career he experimented in film, television and regional theater. His first movie…more


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    • On Meryl Streep
      Ben: But that truth is, once you start acting with her, she is so good that you're just who you are.

    • Ben: I take it for granted, that this is what I'm doing. It doesn't give me any rush of ego in any way.

    • Ben: I haven't thought so much about getting myself to a place of more ego or more confidence.

    • Ben: To play a lawyer in a smart TV show about lawyers is probably a great alternative to a real legal career.

    • Ben: You get spoiled as an actor, because you get to cut right to the ideas and the language and the competition- all the juiciest aspects of it without the tough stuff, like the research, the leg work, the bureaucracy and the waiting.

    • Ben: When you're with Meryl Streep, you don't feel like a professional actor. You feel like a movie geek in heaven.

    • Ben: I am still basically what they call a journeyman actor. It means you go from one thing to the next and in between is the search.