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  • From Lovable star to annoying crusader.

    Ben Stein is not a bad guy, his iconic voice in engrained on the consciousness of millions, from Ferris Buller to Goose bumps, to Rugrats. You've heard his voice even if you dont have a clue who he is by name.

    However Ben is now a Cheerleader to a political crusade again evolution and it really doesn't impress.

    His views are besides the point. Im not going to stay Evolution is right, but I know Intellegent design is nothing but a fanciful ideas, and evolution even if overstated has a lot of evidance in its favor, ID has none. You don't need to be clever to see this, and I know Stien isn't stupid. He's either allowing his faith to effect scientific judgement, or he taking advantage of the situation to make a good bit of cash off the Bible Belt.

    I think his recent movie is a hinderance to Religion, Science and the relationship between the two - When most religious leaders have been able to take on board evolutionary thoery and not see it as an obsitcle to faith, why do the likes of Stien need to go on a crusade to support a politcally motivated theory which only basically want god to have a loader voice in scientific thoery dispite still no valid evidance.

    The fact that Stein can make a movie to try and convice people of ID and to smear in an unacademic way Evolutionary thoery and its front runners, says very little about his integrity.

    I cant be mean because its probably dementia making him act like a nutter, and going on how slow he talks I'm not sure he can still remember what he started talking about halfway through a sentance.

    Please Ben, it's time to retire to a Swiss nursing home. If only because you thought putting a school uniform at 70 was in some way a good idea!moreless