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  • I'm a Big Benjamin Bratt fan, anyway, I am not surprised that his did a great job in "The Cleaner".

    I love Benjamin Bratt and his work. I have seen him in every movie or series he's been in (all the ones that are possible) I am still looking for "Follow me Home". I'm a Big Benjamin Bratt fan, anyway, I am not surprised that his did a great job in "The Cleaner" or that he did a great job in portraying Warren Boyd's life even if it is a fictional version because Benjamin Bratt did a wonderful job in portraying Pinero's life. The only thing I hated is that it is not a movie. Also, I know that is a wrong statement this, but I am going to state it anyway because I can't think of any other actor/ess who have had the privilege to portray more than one person's life. This makes Benjamin Bratt second portrayal. He did a wonderful job both times. But, I am not surprised because no matter what he is doing as an actor he acts with his heart and knowledge. My daughter is an actress, she acts in plays in college and she is a wonderful actress. I am not saying this because I am her mother!! Believe me. I study people when they act and i can name several actor/ess who think they can act and are getting paid big money but they can't act because they show that they are acting, I mean you can tell they are just doing a job, therefore, not putting any heart into it. I love entertainment and I love seeing actors and actresses acting as if they are really going through whatever it is the character is going through. Capturing every moment as if it was their own. And my daughter do that. I am her biggest fan because she is wonderful , she reminds me of Benjamin Bratt because he is a wonderful actor that capture every moment of his charater. Besides the fact that I can not forget the time when my daughter was seven years old and performed a fictional peanut butter commercial and sold the hell out of the peanut butter, proving she was a natural actress, I always refer to what Benjamin Bratt say in interviews or how he act out a scene or a character. I look up to him for her. I did not pursue an acting career for my daughter when she was a child because of the horrible stories of other kid actors. My daughter is very loving, caring and full of positive life and I did not want that to change. I felt it was best for her that she waited until she was an adult and get training and a degree for acting (theatre) in college, like Benjamin Bratt. As far as I know he do not have any emotional or drug problems. I never see him in the media in negative reviews or bad news. No dirty laundery aired or reported. I mean, they tried, with the break up with Julia Roberts, but even that was positive. This tells me alot about him as a person. Love you Bratt, keep up the good work. You are a great and wonderful actor.