Bennet Guillory

Bennet Guillory


San Francisco, California

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Ben Guillory, Bennett Guillory, Bennett Guillory
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  • Classic Actor

    Bennett Guillory is a talented and original actor. He is very, very freakin perfect for all the acting he does. I found out on his IMDb database for all the great acting he has been doing for years. He has guest starred and has recurring acts in several good shows. His Star Wars work he has done has played a Jedi, Qu Rahn in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and that is a good game. I am glad he was in it. I also found out he is a theater producer/director at a theater in Los Angeles. He has actually done talented acting. Good for him!moreless
  • Bennet Guillory has to classified as one of the most talented bit actor there is out there today.

    Mr. Bennet Guillory has done alot of bit parts, but is great when he does them. He brings so much to each character that its so hard to miss who he is. It is amazing how he has come so far from doing little show that don\'t last long at all to doing amazing shows such as Charmed and Judging Amy. This man is a great actor whom I admire in away that is unbelievable. He still does very minimal roles, but he is great when he does them. the fact of the matter is this man has done parts that most actors dont like to do because of the minimal expieriance, but he embraces them and continues on with his acting and now he helps young actors with the robey theatre in Los Angeles California. This is an awesome acomplishment that I believe all should recognize.moreless