Bennye Gatteys





11/20/1940 , Dallas, Texas

Birth Name




Texas born Bennye Gatteys got her start at age 15 on the game show "Name That Tune" winning $19,000. She caught the eye of Kermit Bloomgarden, a Broadway producer who signed her to understudy Susan Strasberg in "The Diary of Anne Frank". This turn of events began her career as a singer/actress. She began appearing on television programs such as "Studio One", "Lamp Unto My Feet", "Look Up and Live", "The U.S. Steel Hour" and "Kraft Theatre". Her parents thinking their 17-year-old had quite enough of show business took her back home to Dallas. Her career on hold while she concluded her schooling. She was appearing in Margo Jones's theater group when a call from New York and the Captain Kangaroo show came. In the early 60's Bennye would appear on numerous television programs, a couple of soap operas and retiring in 1977.