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Bernadette Yao was one of the early members on Zoom in the 1970's. She was best known as the shy girl who did the "arm thing". As of 2006 She is currently in her forties and she can still perform the arm trick. She also has made music…more


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  • Trivia

    • Her arm trick is supposed to be performed with swords, but she can do it without them.

    • In one episode of "Zoom", she demonstrated her arm trick to the viewers.

    • Her musical influences are Flora Purim, Sarah Vaughn, Betty Carter, Joni Mitchell, Indigo Girls, and Ben Harper.

    • After graduating from Indiana University with B. A. in Liberal Arts and minor in Music, she returned to Boston and WGBH – working behind the camera during live pledge drives and for Martha Stewart's PBS program, "Entertaining with Martha Stewart".

    • With a 3-octave vocal range and a wide variety of singing styles, Bernadette Yao has performed with numerous music groups from classical choirs to jazz ensembles, rock bands, and as a singer/songwriter.

    • She plans to make more CDs to help others open their hearts and spirit to love, creativity, and healing.

    • Her dream has always been to create and play music and to help others realize their dreams to live with both joy and passion.

    • She created healing music and building her private practice as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner utilizing energy healing, body/mind psychotherapy, and Reiki to help her clients awaken their passions and live their dreams to improve both their personal and professional life.

    • She ended up studying and training to be a Holistic Health Practitioner, and became a certified Brennan Healing Science practitioner, and a certified Reiki practitioner.

    • She began playing at coffeehouses, open mics and parties with her guitar, her voice singing cover songs, (by Joni Mitchell, Sting, Tracy Chapman, Neil Young) and original songs.

    • She auditioned and was chosen to be a member of the internationally-renowned chorus, Tanglewood Festival Chorus, and performed in the beautiful concert halls in New York, Boston, Hong Kong, and Japan with the Boston Symphony Orchestra for many years.

    • She now has two daughters. One was born in 1992 and the other was born in 1997.

    • While she was building her career as a TV Host and producer at a local CBS affiliate in Boston, something happened that changed her life. She suffered an accident near a construction site while walking to work one day, which left her with a crushed foot and ankle.

    • She went to college, studied music and telecommunications, and upon graduation, embarked on a TV production career in broadcasting.

    • She was one of the first early "Zoom" cast members.

    • She was best known on "Zoom" as the shy Chinese girl who did the "arm thing" during the show's open, and said, "I'm Bernadette".

    • She is a former "Zoom" cast member.

  • Quotes

  • Amazing.

    Bernadette Yao is one of the early Zoom cast members. I liked her when she was young. She did the "Arm thing" thta got a lot of viewers attentions. She did an amazing job acting on the show. I hope they might show the old Zoom episodes again. I hope so.