Bernie Kosar

Bernie Kosar


11/25/1963, Boardman, Ohio

Birth Name

Bernie Joseph Kosar Jr.


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Bernie Kosar graduated from the University of Miami in Florida. Bernie had a double-major in finance and economics while there and later he earned an MBA. He won a National Championship title with the Hurricanes in 1984 and was drafted by the Browns in 1985. Bernie was the…more


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  • He was my childhood hero when I was little, so I might be a tad biased.

    Bernie has done alot of good things on the field as well as off the field. He has contributed alot to the Cleveland Community well after he stopped playing for the Browns. He was funny when he did guest spots on the Drew Carey show as well. Bernie is now working with the police to try to catch a guman who killed a guy in Florida, near were Bernie lives. The guy was a Browns fans and a University of Miami Hurricanes fan, which is were Bernie went to college. In my opinion he is the only person with class to come out of that school. Bernie met with the family, and has gotten the word out about this guys death, so they can bring the people who did it to justice. He was recently on America's most wanted for the case.moreless