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  • Trivia

    • Bert was voted the "'The Eddie' for Most Over Exposed TV Personality" in the 2007 Fugly Awards.

    • In September 2006, Bert's mistake of calling Muhammad Ali 'the boy' at the 1979 Logie Awards was listed at #36 in TV Week's 'Top 50 most memorable moments on Australian television' list.

    • At the Australian Logies Awards in 1979, Bert Newton introduced Muhammad Ali. While joking around with the boxer, Bert said, "I like the boy" which Muhammad took to be a racial slur. Bert managed to joke his way out of the gaffe. Later, Muhammad was the one to announce Bert had won the Gold Logie.

    • As at May 2007, Bert appears on Channel Nine's Bert's Family Feud, Mon-Fri at 5:30 p.m. (EST)

    • In 2006, Bert moved from Network Ten to Network Nine, where he began his television career. He returned as host of the successful game show, Family Fued.

  • Quotes

    • Bert (on making the Top 50 most memorable moments on Australian television for calling Muhammad Ali 'the boy'): In the many retellings of this story, it's forgotten that at the time I was doing a series of live KFC commercials as Colonel Sanders and one of the catchphrases was 'I like the boy!' I hope it's not the only moment for which I'm remembered, but it was a great moment for all concerned. Live television - the only way to go!