Beth Allen

Beth Allen


5/28/1984, Auckland, New Zealand

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Elizabeth Grace Nel Allen



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Beth was born 28 May 1984. She's been acting since 1993. Her fist bigger role was in "The Legends of William Tell"(1998). Beth is a member of the PAS Children's Threatre and she appeared in several plays at the Auckland's Aotea Centre. She has appeared in several television…more


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    • Beth: I read my horoscope in the newspaper every day... And have forgotten it all 30 seconds later. But yes, I believe that some people are more susceptible for the signs that they receive in life.

    • Beth: I tried for many years to learn how to play the piano, but I was really bad at it - I am not very good at sitting still.

    • Beth: I'm just an actor, I don't have any other particular talent.

    • Beth: The top three questions I get are: Does it hurt to have your hair that way? Is there going to be a series six? And is Bray coming back?
      No, it doesn't hurt; I don't know, but it's looking pretty positive for a sixth series; and there's always a possibility Bray could return.

    • Beth: It was quite good fun actually, because it happened really fast. They got about episode 47 or 48 at the end of the series and we kind of realized she wasn't particularly pregnant and needed to be very pregnant because she was about to have a baby in four episodes' time! So I went through about six months of pregnancy in about four episodes. I had all this padding under my costume and I was running into walls and bouncing off people. It was one of the hardest things I've done because you're really unprepared for it. If you haven't had a baby you just have no idea. (about having a baby on "The Tribe")

    • Beth: The tribe is like a micro-world where all the topics repeat themselves but with a message; that a better society can be created.

    • Beth: She represents the positive values of the society. Amber is a leader who takes care of the smallest of her group. She trusts in yes same. She looks like a hard girl who can do everything, but she is also sensitive and has a great heart. (about Amber)

    • Beth: Because in New Zealand, I don't know about other people but I've been kind of aiming to marry someone who's racially different because then I'll have really good-looking children.

    • Beth: In March there was a story going around when Tom Cruise came down to film "The Last Samurai". He turned up and no one was waiting for him at the airport - he was really surprised. Everyone was like "oh well, I've got things to do." So the next day he had to have a big press conference to kind of prove that "I'm Tom Cruise and I'm here."

    • Beth: I guess in terms of role model things we just... I know I find myself just sort of watching what I'm doing and saying in front of little kids and stuff.

    • Beth: Being Amber comes to me so naturally now that I instinctively know when a line or action isn't Amberesque and change it accordingly. I get a lot more intense as Amber than I ever do as myself.

    • Beth: I think that there are plenty of brilliant actors who don't fit the "mould", and there always will be. But that won't change the fact that the film business is based in fantasy, not reality, and thus the people in it don't always look realistic!

    • Beth: I don't smoke, attempt to exercise regularly, eat a good diet (mostly) and wear my seatbelt!

    • Beth: Leather is a good thing in winter, but it really annoyed me in the summer. (about her "The Tribe" outfit)