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    • Beth: Caroline, Melissa and I, we are all the survivors.

    • Beth: I'm willing to believe in pretty much everything. I certainly hope that there are other forces out there working among us because life is very astounding in all its complexity so I hope there are people who know more than I do.

    • Beth: (about Melissa) She is by turns incredibly mature and incredibly vunerable and she shares everything with the camera. I don't know if she's conscious she's doing it. She's also willing to put a lampshade on her head and slip on a banana peel. A lot of kids I've worked with that age, they're like into black leather and they're hanging out and they're cool. Melissa's reallly out there experiencing life and taking leaps.

    • Beth: I guess I would love to be able to travel so quickly from one place to another because so many of my friends and people that I love are scattered all over the country, and the world. I would love to be able to pop in and see their faces whenever I choose.

    • Beth: I've gotten a few letters from religious zealots who tell me I'm going to go to hell for playing a witch.

    • Beth: Men come in handy. Number one, they eat my food. And number two they move heavy things.

    • Beth: When I read the Sabrina script I thought 'Oh this is so charming'. It's light and it's fun and I love the fact that we're using special effects. This is a whole new ball game and I'm enjoying it.

    • Beth: (about Psycho Beach Party): I've played June Cleaver and I've played a killer, so it was fun for me to spoof myself.

    • Beth: I think it's very important to support the program in your area as each part of the country has its own challenges coping with AIDS. It can be very different from state to state and city to city. Wherever you live there is surely someone who could use your help.

    • Beth: We're saying women can be powerful, women can live on their own and be strong, women can be smart and pretty, women can be whatever they want to be. That's a really important message. I love the way Sabrina talks to boys. I mean nobody told me you could tell boys you weren't interested! It was hard when I was a kid to find role models that were free and exciting and offered this type of latitude.

    • Beth: Examining other people's motivations, other people's language and other people's way of interacting is much more fascinating to me than spending a lot of time worrying about my own. I've said, 'What other people think of me is none of my business'.

    • Beth: I was a total nerd growing up. I'd rather sit home and read a novel on New Year's Eve and say, 'Wow, I read the whole thing in one night!' That was my idea of a big time.

    • (About Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996)) Beth: The show is meaningful to kids and I think it does have a great message. I mean, I wish when I was a kid that I'd been watching a show where women were so clever and so forthright and powerful. I love the way that Sabrina deals with boys. I love the equality in their relationships. We didn't have that when I was a kid. We didn't have people like that to look at.