Beth Smith Chapman





10/29/1967 , Denver, Colorado

Birth Name

Alice Elizabeth Smith




A bondswoman by trade, Beth Smith is also the wife and business partner of Duane "Dog" Chapman. As a teenager Beth was rebellious, but excelled in sports. It wasn't until she started working in politics that her life really started over.

Around her twentieth birthday, Beth would spot the man who would one day become her husband, Duane. It was at this moment that she found her calling. By twenty-one Beth was getting licensed as the youngest bail bondsman in Colorado, Duane was her motivation. Jumping critical ladders of success Beth would be critical in getting new laws written for bail bondsmen. All the while she was chasing the dream of one day catching the attention of Duane.

Having overcome all that she did in her life Beth feels blessed that she was able to overcome what she did. With the tragedy of loosing custody of her first born, and the pain of a drug addicted ex-husband behind her Beth sees this as her second chance.

Confident in her relationship with Duane, Beth feels loved everyday.
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