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  • thanks for inspiring me to never give up

    The advice that you gave firefly on an episode I watched brought me to my knees in tears it was like you were talking to me,although I don't party. This past year my husband had an affair I never even seen it coming it devastated me. It has turned mine and my 8 yr old daughter, Infiniti's world upside down! I have then lost my house my job my car and also my four dogs that I've had for 8 yrs. I'm also from Colorado( Brighton) and now I have to move to where my mom and brother are and start over. I'm not sure how or if I even have the strength to keep going and not give up,then there you are on TV talking about womaning up and do what has to be done for firefly's son and I won't give up on Infiniti and our future. Thank you so much for being you need I say more!!!! Your faithful fans. Yvonne and Infiniti.
  • beth is amazing

    Your my hero ur my favorite and I LOVE YOU u are strong and brave i watch ur show every morning but it sad i miss some of it cuz of school
  • Beth is the greatest. I love everything about her. I want to see more of her. The kids are darling, Leland is special, and I enjoy the show. Bringing people to justice and possibly a new life is a gift. Good for you all.

    Beth is the greatest. I love her daring appearance. She is a beautiful blond, confident in all she does. She's not afraid to speak her mind. She is a loving mother and step-mother. She is why I watch the show. The younger children are darling and Leland is a great kid. The Dog's hairdo is pretty cool, too. I hope you continue to make more shows.
  • Beth is a strong beutiful woman...everything I want to be.

    I think that Beth is the backbone of the team. Go figure...she is the woman of the group. She handles the buisiness and keeps the boys (especially her Dog) in check. I think that she is beutiful and is living proof that you dont have to be a stick figure to be considered so. She's tough, but has a big heart under that even bigger chest. I admire her stregnth, even more so now watching her stand behind her man and the other two in this whole extradition bullsh*t. I dont understand how the mexican government can be so ungrateful as to press charges against them when they removed a dangerous preditor from their country. They should be rewarding them, not trying to punish them. And the fact that our government is actually concidering fullfilling the extradition order after all Dog and his team have done to make our streets a safer place just pisses me off even more. Please go to and sign the petition to FREE THE DOG! and help Beth keep her man, Leland, and Tim out of prison!
  • what can i say beth is everyones favorite.i have relatives that resemble her in so many ways that they could be her long lost twin or something.beth you are the worlds best!! as a woman in general.

    beth is what every woman wants to become i hear my kids saying that hey look ma is on tv!i love her for the wisdom and the courage she has.she is a good example of how us women need to be so no one can take advantage of us!she is the best and she will always be the best!Dog you should be very proud to be her husband! hell i would be very proud just knowing that she reads this review and acknowledges how much she is adored!she is lovabe,huggable and unbelievable ! all i wanna say is thanks beth for setting a good example!!!!!! lots of love!!!!!!!
  • one cool chick

    beth is awesome. she is like a role model she is totally great. she has an attitude out of this world and i like it. no one would want to mess with her. or she'll cuss you out. beth is so kind hearted and loyal towards dog. she is one cool chick!
  • Beth is a good woman.She is a good role model.She is a role for women.I never had a good role model and if I had someone like Beth I would be a good women as she is.

    Beth is the best.Me on the other hand I was in trouble alot when I was younger and I stayed in jail 24/7 from 12 years old untill I was 19 and beleive me its not fun being a convicted felon.I am 25 and I had to learn on my own.I became a better women after realizing what I needed to do in my life to make myself better for my child. Beth is the best.
  • I finally saw the show love the empathy shown and how people are treated with respect and as human beings.

    Love Beth's role and as another well endowed woman would love to know where she buys her bras which are obviously very good to keep the ladies in such good position. She not only looks great but shows such strength, compassion, intelligence and decency. I love the obvious affection she and Dog show each other.
  • You either like her or you don't.

    I like her. Such a strong woman.
  • Beth is awesome! I would not want to piss her off either! She is one badass chick! And I'm so jealous she gets to be around the hotties all the time.

    I hope Beth is very proud of her family because she's got a breed of her own. Dewayne is old enough to be my dad but still hot. Leland and Justin are both VERY hot. I jsut got done gushing about Leland on his page.

    All I can say is...if you ever run into Beth, be nice cause she's gonna kick some ass and I can't wait to watch it!
  • Telling how cool Beth is in all her hawaiian huntressness

    Beth...She\'s force of her own. I do admire her, she is a person I\'d like to be not a person I\'d like to get on the bad side of. I also like her sence of style...Claw-like nails and cool shirts and shoes.Her hair is also really nice and she sparkling dark eyes and sweet smile.
  • Well Beth is a very pretty women she has a big heart.i love her hair.i hope i look that good when im her age.i would never want to get in a fight with her.

    Beth makes being a wife mother and a bail bonds so easy.i would love to be lelands step mom any day.i hope u are reading this beth and let me come there to visit your house boy that would make my day.i love your show i try to never miss it.