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  • Beth is a strong beutiful woman...everything I want to be.

    I think that Beth is the backbone of the team. Go figure...she is the woman of the group. She handles the buisiness and keeps the boys (especially her Dog) in check. I think that she is beutiful and is living proof that you dont have to be a stick figure to be considered so. She's tough, but has a big heart under that even bigger chest. I admire her stregnth, even more so now watching her stand behind her man and the other two in this whole extradition bullsh*t. I dont understand how the mexican government can be so ungrateful as to press charges against them when they removed a dangerous preditor from their country. They should be rewarding them, not trying to punish them. And the fact that our government is actually concidering fullfilling the extradition order after all Dog and his team have done to make our streets a safer place just pisses me off even more. Please go to and sign the petition to FREE THE DOG! and help Beth keep her man, Leland, and Tim out of prison!