Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz


4/2/1981, Hollywood, Florida

Birth Name

Bethany Joy Lenz



Also Known As

Bethany Joy Lenz, Joiter, Bethany Joie Lenz, Joie Lenz
  • Bethany Joy Galeotti as Haley James Scot...
  • Bethany Joy Galeotti as Haley James Scot...
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  • Bethany Joy Galeotti as Haley James Scot...
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Bethany Joy Lenz was born on April 2, 1981 in Hollywood, Florida and now resides in North Carolina. She is called by her middle name, Joy. She stars as Haley James Scott on the CW Drama One Tree Hill. Bethany also appeared on many television shows such as…more


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    • Bethany: (Working with OTH co-star Chad Michael Murray). You know I always loved working with Chad [Michael Murray. Any episodes where we had scenes together and storylines was just really fun for me. I just have a huge heart for him. He's great.

    • Bethany:: Music is something that is in you. You can touch people with your music even if you're working a job at starbucks or working a desk job.

    • Bethany: I guess I've sort of always wanted to be an actress, except when I was five, which, I did want to be the Queen of England.

    • Bethany: (from her online journal) I wanted to mention, as a side note, that I am NOT pregnant!

    • Bethany: Musical theater is my passion. If I could afford it, I would just do dinner theater and live a simple life.

    • Bethany: Lies about your physical appearance in Hollywood creep in like a nasty serpent in your bed. It's awful. Who's got the best outfit?, Who's makeup artist is terrible?, etc... I've really been learning that I have to choose to believe that it is not my clothes or my hair or my makeup that is going to make me shine. It's a battle I fight everyday with myself.

    • Bethany: (from her official website) Michael and I will have children (lots of them) someday.

    • Reporter: On One Tree Hill, Haley and Nathan were involved in a car crash. Is life going to get any better for them?

      Bethany: Of course not. Then we wouldn't have a show! I think our writers have gotten good at giving the audience a taste of what they want, and right when they get comfortable, snatching it away from them.

    • Bethany: I think I'd dedicate "If You're Missing (Come On Home)" to my fans...this is the song I get the most mail about. It really is just a dialogue between me and God. It's what I think His heart is for everyone.

    • Bethany: (On her TV crush) Even if I did have one, I don't think I'd say it - I wouldn't do that to my husband, the loving, wonderful man that he is!

    • Bethany: It's hard to pick a favorite song from my record, because there's always something I would change on every song, depending on what's happening in my life when I go back and listen to the master recordings--but I do have an affinity for Desperate Gown.

    • Bethany: (On her favorite movie musical) I thought Chicago knocked it out of the park. I've heard that they are working on other movie musicals, but I think Chicago came as close as you can to modernizing a musical for today's audience. I also like The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.

    • Bethany: My calves make me insecure. I don't know, I think there's a lot of things that come in and out, but nothing that sticks long enough that it becomes a huge problem. There's not one thing that I consistently battle with. I think insecurity is a battle itself. Wherever it hits you. It comes and goes in different ways, in different circumstances.

    • Bethany: When I'm inspired at 2 AM, I'm not going to bust out into a monologue. You can get inspired in all sorts of weird ways as an artist. You never know what's going to strike you, It's the little moments – the little graces, if you will.

    • Bethany: Singing is something that I always do. They [One Tree Hill producers] heard me singing on set. I told them that I've been singing since I was little.

    • Bethany: I had an apartment [in Los Angeles] for a while. My first time I came out I was 14. Or maybe I was 11. I [went] pilot season and got a few commercials. Then, I went back to Texas. Didn't come back out until 3 or 4 years ago. I just gave up my apartment about a month ago.

    • Bethany: It's not so much to stay in any particular shape as it is just to feel healthy for my body type. My body takes pretty quickly to physical activity... it just sort of wakes up and sucks in! Lol! I enjoy Pilates, 15-20 minutes on the treadmill, free weights, dancing, walking... the basics, I guess.

    • Bethany: I absolutely loved working with Paul Anthony Stewart on Guiding Light. He is a wonderful, spontaneous actor and the chemistry we had was rare. Also, I had a blast playing Paul Sorvino's daughter in an ABC pilot called Burning Down the House. And of course I can't rule out my theater roles... the stage is really a home away from home for me. I feel I get to be me the most when I'm on stage.

    • Bethany: I can love or hate acting depending on whether the material is good or bad, but I'll always love singing. As far as winning an Oscar or a Grammy... I don't care much for awards.

    • Bethany: (On kids who want to break into acting or the music industry) Don't do it if you want to get famous, cuz, I promise you - you'll either end up broke and lonely, or you'll end up famous and lonely. Do it because you want to make a difference in the world and you feel you can do that best through an artistic medium.

    • Bethany: Billy Joel would be a dream to work with. He's a musical genius. Paula Cole, too... she's really, really underrated.

    • Bethany: (Her thoughts on marrying young) Young is one thing - 16 is another. I don't know any 16 year olds who are ready to get married... come to that, I don't know many 26 or 36 year olds who are ready to get married. I think you ought to know who you are and be willing to give ALL of yourself to your spouse, not just some of you. Marriage is two becoming one and until you are ready and willing to take the kind of risks that will keep the marriage alive, you shouldn't do it.

    • Bethany: Christmas will always be number one on my list. You feel cozy for like two months straight. You sing songs, all the stores look exactly the same. There's no other holiday where everybody decorates. There's a joy and a spirit of excitement that's in the air around Christmas time. It's the best!

    • Bethany: (Advice to aspiring performers) You've got to have a passion for it and don't be easily discouraged. And don't approach it like, 'I have to get this job.' Go in and have fun. When I go out on auditions I look at it like I'm getting to play. I have a good time while I'm there and when it's over I forget about it.

    • Bethany: I'm working on a demo and putting down tracks this week, actually. I write all my own music. It's like Sheryl Crow's and Joni Mitchell's stuff. I'm totally staying away from the Britney Spears thing — I don't want to be marketed and packaged.

    • Bethany: I am not a people person. It's not that I am shy, but I am more comfortable in an atmosphere of one-on-one. I hate crowds and parties.

    • Bethany: I think I started to see that acting was a really great catharsis for me. I've always been really creative and artistic, but I think acting was something that I could pour my creative energy into, and it took all of me. To this day, I haven't found that feeling anywhere else.

    • Bethany: My personal style is just really easy, non-fashion concerned. I have a lot of jeans and tee shirts.

    • Bethany: I am a down-home girl. I love home and a German shepherd and an old red pickup truck from the '50s. I would love an old house in Alabama with little kids running in the yard.

    • Bethany: My passion. Music is in my veins. Just being able to mix that passion with my other passion, for acting, would be unbelievable. I have to brush up on my dancing, but I'd definitely love to hit Broadway.

    • Bethany: Music's something I'll be doing for the rest of my life, whether I'm just playing guitar in my living room or whether I'm playing for 3,000 people. So I'm just enjoying it right now and having fun.

    • Bethany: I am an actor. I get paid for what I do but it doesn't matter. God forbid I say this, but I would be doing it for free because I love it. If I could, I'd do this every day of my life.

    • Bethany: I'm not a morning person. But I'm not really much of a night person, either. I'm just kind of there.

    • Bethany: I'm a girlie girl. I just like being feminine.

    • Bethany: I don't party. I'm a total homebody. I like hanging out with my cat and I've actually been known to stay home and knit.

    • Bethany: If I ever got married and my husband wanted me to give all this up and follow him wherever he wanted me to go I would. I love acting because it's fun to play and I love music but I will be writing music for the rest of my life, forever. I'd be just as happy doing community-theater as I am doing a TV show. Doesn't much matter to me!

    • Bethany: That's the exciting thing. I still don't know what I'm going to be. I love acting. I would love to be an English teacher. I would love to be a housewife and have a chateau in the South of France, I would love to be a singer that travels to cafes around different towns. I am loving to live out my life right now and see where it goes, it's exciting.

    • Bethany: I have no desire to be a star.

    • Bethany: I don't believe the human heart was made to be put through the abuse of the dating world.

    • Bethany: I can't cook or do crafts. And put a soccer ball or a football in my hand, and I wouldn't know what to do with it, but if you give me a creative outlet, usually, I'd be able to figure something out.

    • Bethany: I've learned so much, especially with Chad. He is really good with camera and lighting and technical stuff. He has learned a lot about that and he's really good to work with and so I have learned so much technically. It's been amazing.

    • Bethany: My dream car is a red '57 Chevrolet pickup. So I'd take a road trip in that for a day, play classic rock music the whole time and then stop at a diner at midnight for some apple pie.

    • Bethany: I hoped that you all would be helpful in passing on the word. I am so appreciative of your support and loyalty and here's to a WONDERFUL 2006.

    • Bethany: Now, don't roll your eyes. I know this is the second time I'm changing my name, but I promise it's the last. I am so excited to be honoring my husband by taking his surname and I wanted to share it with all of you. So, as of 2006, you'll have to get used to me as Bethany Galeotti. Perhaps even sooner, as you may notice the change in the One Tree Hill opening credits.

    • Bethany: I'm getting married by the end of this year (I know, I know, nobody even knew I was engaged because I'm so private about my personal life). The only reason I'll be doing wedding press is to get people used to my NEW NAME.

    • Bethany: I swear I am the only actress around with fake brown hair and natural blond roots! Up until now, I've always played the blond ingenue part on The WB. In real life, Hilarie [Burton] and I have the same hair, blond and curly.

    • Bethany: My faith in the fact that God can organize and has this overall plan is what's really helped me hold on. It's a world of sharks out there, and it's hard to survive in this business and keep your integrity at the same time.

    • Bethany: (On her character Haley James of One Tree Hill) I'd like to see her before and after a breakup. I think Haley is much better suited for someone else. I see her with someone very sophisticated and charming, maybe an older guy, where she doesn't have to be the one driving the relationship.

    • Bethany: (On what joining the One Tree Hill cast has been like) Like summer camp, only it's really cold in Wilmington, North Carolina! I've never lived in a small town, but I always pictured myself in a small house, drinking lemonade on my porch swing. Now I have the porch!

    • Bethany: I never rule anything out, I just follow where I'm lead.

  • Bethany Joy Galeotti is a master at her trade and then some. She's an actress, singer, director, producer, writer and entrepreneur.Her resume? Impressive. Her talent? Infinite. Anyone who doesn't already know who this woman is, is missing out!moreless

    She acts on One Tree Hill, she sings as a member of Everly, she has directed several episodes of One Tree Hill, she wrote and produced a musical based on the hit novel The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, and she owns a restaurant with her husband called Galeotti. Her resume? Impressive. Her talent? Infinite. Anyone who doesn't already know who who this woman is, is missing out! Definitely a celebrity worth watching these next couple of years. I learned who Bethany Joy Galeotti was watching One Tree Hill and ever since then I've been following her career through the ups-and-downs and while she's not all over the Hollywood scene she's definitely going to take the world by storm once people catch wind of her.moreless
  • Terribly underrated actress who also happens to be an incredibly talented musician, as well.

    The first thing I ever saw Bethany in, happens to be her most famous role, One Tree Hill. For eight seasons now, Bethany has played Haley James Scott, and while originally, I was a much bigger fan of Sophia Bush, in recent years, Bethany's talents as an actress and musician have swayed be over to her side. Her depression storyline late in season 7 was the biggest reason I became a bigger fan of hers. She was so good in that storyline, I truly believed the Emmys should have overlooked the fact that she was on TheCW, and nominate her. She was that good. She also seems incredibly genuine in real life, and those are the kind of actors that I really tend to become fans of. Speaking of her music, while I was more into her music pre-2007, her newer music still proves she has immense talent, but her new transition to this new form of music, is not something I particularly like, but the songs themselves are great, I just don't enjoy the genre she currently ponders in. I would hope Bethany continues both acting and singing post-One Tree Hill, because One Tree Hill is only the tip of the iceberg for her.moreless