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  • Haley james

    She is... Just absolutely amazing. Im 16 but ive been watching this show for yesrs! and when i was younger id always call dibs on pretending to be her with my other siblings. i would love to meet her one day
  • Bethany Joy Galeotti is a master at her trade and then some. She's an actress, singer, director, producer, writer and entrepreneur.Her resume? Impressive. Her talent? Infinite. Anyone who doesn't already know who this woman is, is missing out!

    She acts on One Tree Hill, she sings as a member of Everly, she has directed several episodes of One Tree Hill, she wrote and produced a musical based on the hit novel The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, and she owns a restaurant with her husband called Galeotti. Her resume? Impressive. Her talent? Infinite. Anyone who doesn't already know who who this woman is, is missing out! Definitely a celebrity worth watching these next couple of years. I learned who Bethany Joy Galeotti was watching One Tree Hill and ever since then I've been following her career through the ups-and-downs and while she's not all over the Hollywood scene she's definitely going to take the world by storm once people catch wind of her.
  • Terribly underrated actress who also happens to be an incredibly talented musician, as well.

    The first thing I ever saw Bethany in, happens to be her most famous role, One Tree Hill. For eight seasons now, Bethany has played Haley James Scott, and while originally, I was a much bigger fan of Sophia Bush, in recent years, Bethany's talents as an actress and musician have swayed be over to her side. Her depression storyline late in season 7 was the biggest reason I became a bigger fan of hers. She was so good in that storyline, I truly believed the Emmys should have overlooked the fact that she was on TheCW, and nominate her. She was that good. She also seems incredibly genuine in real life, and those are the kind of actors that I really tend to become fans of. Speaking of her music, while I was more into her music pre-2007, her newer music still proves she has immense talent, but her new transition to this new form of music, is not something I particularly like, but the songs themselves are great, I just don't enjoy the genre she currently ponders in. I would hope Bethany continues both acting and singing post-One Tree Hill, because One Tree Hill is only the tip of the iceberg for her.
  • Talented Actress

    Bethany Joy Galeotti is amazing actress and singer. She plays Haley James Scott in the teen drama One Tree Hill. Since seeing an episode of One Tree Hill Bethany soon became one of my favourite actress on the show. I also love the character she plays on the show it really suits her. She has great chemistry with all her co stars. I love Naley and Laley! Not only she can she act but she has beautiful voice. All her songs are very different, i love "Halo" and "When stars go blue" duet with Tyler Hilton. I would love to see her in more movies and tv show's in the future as she is very talented!
  • Tutor girl. Class actress with a great voice.

    A month ago I hadn't seen Dawson's Creek (at least not more than an episode now and then). Suddenly I found myself marathoning through the entire 128 episodes in a little more than a week and then re-doing it only to follow the romantic part of 2 of the roles in the show and forward past all other parts of the show. I never thought history would repeat itself, and for sure not as fast as it has done.

    Bethany Joy Galeotti as Haley James in One tree hill made it happen again in less than 10 days. 10 days ago I hadn't seen One tree hill either. While One tree hill is not an ended show yet thankfully, I've now seen all episodes released so far(116) and then re-seen ALL scenes Bethany Joy Galeotti plays in the show...

    Why? Just because she is so incredible talented. There is no doubt alot of it comes from the role of Haley James, which in my book is one of the better ones in teen dramas, but a role is never better than the actor/actress giving life to it and BJoy is probably THE best TV-actress I know of.

    WARNING: Some One tree hill spoilers will follow for those of u not seen the show... feel free to fast forward.

    Haley James Scott have had the pleasure of a very wide emotional journey so far in One tree hill. We've got to see her fall in love for the very first time, We've seen her being so dissapointed in Nathan's bookie involvment, nannytrouble and the effects for their marriage because of those and other problems, we've seen her struggle between her love and her music, we've seen her getting the loving response from the audience while singing and realize she can do it, we've seen her trying to save her marriage and the desperate fight to get her husband back while not feeling worthy, we've seen her taking care of her son and playing with him as a loving mom, we've seen her afraid as her son is kidnapped and her husband plays slamball with his injury history, we've seen her struggle with Nathan's accident and the following months of dark skies with her husband looking more like his dad than the boy she fell in love with and we've seen her screaming her heart out when her husband jumps into the river after the renewing wed ceremony and so many many many more scenes worth remembering.

    WARNING ended:

    During all those scenes she portraits her role with such credibility. It's possible to feel her love, her suffering and her happiness or hope or whatever required when she acts. You believe in the emotions she portraits, because she carries it in a way it's just impossible to neglect it. It's not only the script, but it's the talent of BJoy that makes Haley James my favorite role. U can read it in BJoy's face, in her eyes and in her entire body language when she describes her role's emotions in any given scene. I've never seen anything like in in a TV-show. In a 90 min movie it's not that uncommon, but in a so far 166 episodes running TV-show it's nothing short of fantastic acting.

    In my humble opinion she's such an amazing actress I've no doubt she can carry a TV-show or a movie on her own. She's got all that talent and I haven't even touched on her look or her voice. She's not another skinny actress hoping to live on her looks, but none the less an incredible beautiful woman gifted with all other kind of talents as well. When it comes to her voice as a singer I'm not gonna lie. My favorite songs are those seen in the show, but I find myself YouTube searching for all those other songs from BJoy as well. I don't believe I'll ever rate her singing skills above her acting skills, but being my favorite actress that really doesn't tell a lot...

    I don't like basing person reviews on a single role, but in the case of Haley James the role have had more than enough going on to make my opinion of Bethany Joy Galeotti fullfilled. She's pure class and while I hope for alot more One tree hill to come, I'm sure BJoy will go on sucsessfully whatever the future brings. I admire the way she represent so much more than all other actors/actresses in todays TV and I hope she'll never lose her way on the climb towards the fame she deserve.

    One tree hill creator Mark Schwahn has said Bethany Joy Galeotti are the most talented of the cast. I say she's the most talented TV-show star I know of...
  • One of the best!

    One of the best ! Talented actress and an even more talented musician ! As far as her acting skills go she is amasing, when she plays a caracter you feel the depth that she brings to it , if she is smiling or crying you belive it . And ... this is simply my opinion that she's not apriciated enough . And her music . . . simply said : beautiful ! Every song has something diferent. Wheter they are funny or filled with emotions they are in complete harmony with the music and you can listen to them over and over again and never get enough.
    And on top of all of this she is one of the most beautiful actreses and she doesn't even try that hard.
  • wow i honestly think this is going to be a long review i am going to try to cut it down but she is one of my idols and i could talk about her for hours.......

    wow i dont know where to start i started watching one tree hill about two years ago and i fell in love her and nathan are prob the most amazing people in the world i love Haley James Scott she is the most amazing on the show she is the lil "tutor" girl who is a lot like mw and she showed me that its ok to be yourself bc the good and GORGEOUS, James Lafferty, she is the one who showed me that you can find the best in anyone and i honestly cant say enough about her she is amazing and my favorite song in the world is song by Haley James Scott she also sings another amazing song called feel this... she is an amazing person and i really hope that one day i can meet her in person she seems like a person who is down to earth... you know i always hoped that after filming one tree hill that haley and nathan would get married i was always rooting for them they are an amazing couple and how they are around each other is the biggest inspiration i have in my life i honestly feel like i could say i love them so much i hope one day that i can meet them in person and be able to tell them thank you for making my life amazing just being able to watch them on a screen!!! i love them

  • She is a great and mature actress who never got involved in the whole tabloids. She is the most mature actress in One Tree Hill and she portrays the most mature character. She is a very great person.

    Bethany Joy Galleoti or used to be called Bethany Joy Lenz started her career in a film called I Love You, I Love You Not. She was in more films like Thinner, To Kill a Mockingbird, Mary and Rhoda, The Legacy, and Bring It On Again. She also guest starred in TV Shows like The Guiding Light, Off Centre, Charmed, Felicity, Maybe It's Me, and The Guardian. Her Breakthrough role was in the TV Show, One Tree Hill as Halie James Scott. She married Michael Galeotti and she looks like the most mature actress form the series and the person that portrays the most mature role. She is fantastic.
  • Awesome actress and singer! You go tutor girl!

    Bethany is an awesome Haley/tutor girl. She is always fun to watch and is a big part of the show. I wasn't to happy when NALEY got together because Nathan used to be a jerk and was just using Haley to get Lucas mad but their love is one of the biggest storylines on the show and is always interesting to watch. Bethany and James have awesome chemistry. Haley is a great character. Lets not forger Bethany's singing career. She is amazing! I love Halo and When the Stars Go Blue. I listen to them all the time and I love how they fit into OTH's storyline. Great actress!
  • Bethany joy is a beautiful and talented actress and singer. I got to know her as an actress on the CW show one tree hill, where she portrays Haley James Scott.

    Bethany Joy appears to me a sweet woman, she is great at what she does. She is a good actress, and is one of the main reasons I watch the show one tree hill. On screen she has a lot of chemistry with her co-actors. I even got to know her music through the CW show. I find Joy to have a fantastic voice. She has her own style in music, one that is appealing to me. The mixture between different genres fits me perfectly.
    I wrote this review in the hope that more people get to know this amazing lady, because I know you will love her as much as I do.
  • Everybody's Faverouite Tutor Girl!

    Bethany Joy Lenz, Plays Haley James Scott In One Tree Hill An American Hit Drama. She's A Caring Down To Earth Girl Thats Become BFF With Lucas Scott.. Her Sorta Brother In Law - Hard To Explain. Anyway She Just Wants The Best From Everyone And Tends To Put Anyone Else Before Her In Life. 'Sometimes I feel incredibly disconnected, uncomfortable in my own skin. Or, kinda like I don't fit into this world. Like I was born at the wrong time, and I don't belong.' - Hayley James. Her Parents Moved Away So She's Grown Up Along Side Her Best Friend Through Good & Bad Times. She's Married To Nathan Scott Basketball Hot Shot And Has Recently Given Birth To Baby James Scott. Overall Shes One Of The Most Genuine Characters & I Wish Her Good Luck In The Future.
  • Bethany Joy can confuse me with her name/credits but she is a fantastic actress.

    Haley is my favourite character on One Tree Hill, all because of Bethany Joy, the name and the character's personality. Bethany is gorgeous, and has wonderful facial expressions in her scenes. My favourite is when she asks Nathan if they shouldn't have sex until after their second wedding day - that was so cute! I want to see her in more shows or movies. She was funny in Bring it on Again - i almost didn't recognise her. I'm presuming Bethany is most like her character Haley and wish her all the best in her life with her marriage and all that.
  • She one of my favorite actresses and she is my favorite singer.

    Ok, so I used to watch Charmed and I saw her in one of the episodes, at that time I didn't think anything of her really, but when I started watching One Tree Hill, I realized that she was an amazing actress. The first time I heard her sing was in the Cafe, when she was singing for Nathan for the first time. I love when she sings "When the Stars Go Blue" with Tyler Hilton. She is so talented and I hope to be just like her some day.I hope she comes out with a new album really soon. SHe rights all of her own music(except "when the stars go blue") which shows that she is really devoted to her work.
  • My favorite actress and singer.

    Bethany Joy Galeotti is probably the most talented actress out of the cast of One Tree Hill. She has nailed many emotional, dramatic scences that require perfect acting to work, such as during the school shooting episode, and when she is screaming on the Melena Bridge during episode 322. Bethany Joy also is my favorite singer. She has an amazing voice. My favoritve song of hers is obviously Halo, but I also like The Lonliness is Better Near Now, Devil's Archerist,Crazy Girls, When the Stars go Blue, Elsewhere, and Let Me Fall. Which as you can tell is a lot.
  • empty

    I really like Bethany Joy Galeotti. she is a great singer and a really good actress i love watching her on One Tree Hill and i have like all her songs on my ipod:)
  • she is so so pretty and i love her. i love eevrything about her

    shes the best i love her so much shes really sounds so nice in real life shes gorgeous i love her. i wish i knew her. i want to be like her. shes an awesome actress like she really makes me believe the show sometimes. i dont like one tree hill but i watch it because of her . she got me to start watching it. how can someone be so pretty. and she has such a good voice i love it. i love her songs. shes really great she need to be in more moviess. shes not in anything i wish she was
  • She is one of my all time favorites!

    Joy, in my opinion, is very talented and beautiful! She has this ability to draw you into her character of Haley on One Tree Hill and it's believable.. The chemistry between her and James is unquestionable! You actually believe that those two characters are in love and are not ashamed of showing it! I love the way the writers put those two characters, admist their backgrounds..She is one of my all-time favorite actresses...She is funny, smart, beautiful, and just overall, a very talented actress. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future of television and movies. Very taleneted actress!
  • I love her acting.

    I have been a big fan of Bethany since she was on Guiding Light. she was absolutely amazing in both of the roles she played Michele and the Reva clone. I was not that surprised that the creators of One Tree Hill choose her play the role of Haley evan though they had a different actress in line for it. I was glad they choose her because she has done such a wonderful job with the role so far in the show. I really love the chemistry between her character and Nathan. I hope that she is in many more projects.
  • I love Bethany Joy! She's soooooo great!!!!

    I really love her, and I think she's awesome in every possible way!

    I first saw her on the most beautiful show ever: 'One Tree Hill', and I just fell in love with her.
    I think she is a great actress, and a really really good singer. I love her songs, they have something different than the music we hear today..
    I have her music on my iTunes and I always hearing it. (Except when I'm hearing Tyler Hilton's stuff or 'The Road Mix' - One Tree Hill's Vol. 3)..

    I remember seeing Joy for the first time on 0TH, and having this feeling that i know her from somewhere. It bothered me for so long that i went to seach it on line.. than I saw that she was on 'Guiding Light', but it didn't tell me anything because the show was never airing in here.. so i kept looking where i know her and saw she was on 'Charmed' and 'Felicity' - two of my favorite shows.
    It was then that i started interesting on her work, and became a huge fan of hers.
    I can't wait for her new CD to get out!! I hate the fact that she and Epic records got on separated ways and now we have to wait untill she will sign with another lable.. :(


    "Oh, will you wait till I get back home again ‘Cause I’m willing to give this another chance Only you baby keep me up at night Sometimes crazy’s all right" (Out of Bethay joy's 'Crazy Girl')

    Naley & Baby Scott 4Ever!
  • She is gorgeous and talented!

    I have loved her since i first saw her on OTH. She has the best chemistry with James on set. She has great chemistry with everyone on the set of One Tree Hill. Her music is awesome. My favorite song of hers would have to be "Halo." The lyrics are amazing. If I could go to any concert, it would have to be hers. She is really talented! I watched her Bring It Again movie and she's great in there too. She has a great sense of style. I love how she said she doesn't want to be so famous. She would rather have all the simple things in life.
  • Bethany Joy Galeotti is on the great show One Tree Hill where she plays Haley James Scott. She has also been in Guiding Light and Bring it on again. Bethany is also a singer.

    I love Bethany so much. She is my favorite actress and singer. She is so talented. She cares so much about her work that she could do it for free. One Tree Hill wouldn't be the same without her. My favorite character is also Haley who Bethany plays. Bethany's songs is amazing. I have them all on my Ipod and i hear them all the time. It is too bad that she dosen't recorded a CD, she really deserve that. Bethany really cares about her fans, and i love that. It is always more fun to love an actress/singer who also like you.
  • Bethany is the character haley in one tree hill!!!!

    I love Haley!!!!!!!!!! She is like my FAVORITE character ever!!!!! if i could meet one person from that show it would be her.....for this thing i have to dress up and go to me and my friends are all being characters from one tree hill...and guess who i am? yes i am haley and i bought a dress that looks exactly like haley's prom dress...and yes i am going pregnant and all!!!!!lolololol!!!!! anywho..she is a great actress and i love her and nathan!! (as u can tell from my screen name......naleylover17) well she is a good actress and i love her so u all should too and if u dont watch one tree hill it is on at 9 o'clock on the CW on channel 44!!!!!!!!! love ya bye!
  • if you don't think Bethany is the best you are wrong.

    Hallo.. I love Bethany Joy Lenz. I know that it sould not be a godd One Tree Hill without her. And she is a grate singer too. I have many off her songs in my iPod and ilove to lissen to them. My personal favorite is Halo. That song it's so good and I think that almost everyone can say that the text is good. And in OTH so i Halye and Nathan so cute togheter. And soon they will have a baby :) a little son. Nathan Jr. hehe

    I dot really kown why I like her so much.. But I really do. Give her a chans :) she is a really grate actor and a grate singer :D
  • Her versatility is stunning!

    As season 1 of One Tree Hill came, Bethany Joy Lenz was overshadowed by the glamour of the other leading ladies on the show. However, as the show continued it became obvious that Joy was on a completely different level to her fellow actors.

    The shock of Haley getting married to Nathan helped Haley's character go into the music industry. It was then that the viewers got to appreciate the vocal talents of Joy.

    Season 3, also showcased Joy's singing talents and her ability as an actress. The struggle Haley went through to have Nathan believe that their love was worth fighting for was heartbreaking and gave a ray of hope to those hopeless romantics around.

    Season 4, however, has to be Joy's best! Portraying a pregnant high school student. Many fans are convinced that Joy is actually pregnant as welldue to her really convincing mood swings. It has also been a pleasure to hear the impersonations Haley makes. First Rachel, then one of the Olsen twins, Joey Potter - right down to the hair fidgeting and the scary Scarface reference that made everyone scared of crutches. LoLz!

    Bethany has brought true entertainment in my boring life!
  • Also known as Bethany Joy Lenz... star of One Tree Hill!

    Yes everyone! It is the towel girl from Bring It On Again! Ok, she also stars in One Tree Hill!

    Bethany, like Tyler Hilton, has the whole package! She is amazing at singing and acting, and she is gorgeous! However, just like Tyler Hilton, she is under appreciated! Also like Gavin DeGraw!!! Anyway this girl has the voice of an angel! Everyone should buy her album because I did and can't stop listening to it... it is really something and so unique and different to everything else that you will ever hear! Absolutely love her! Her acting is amazing too! She plays Haley James-Scott, wife of Nathan Scott (played by James Lafferty)! They make an amazingly cute couple!
  • She went up when she started singing.

    Watching One Tree Hill, Bethany is just as talentes as her co stars. However, she really got into the spot light when they gave her an oportunity to open her mouth and start singing out loud. I swear to God, whenever I watch back on season 3 that time capsule episode in which she sings "Halo", I got goosebumps all over. It is great that an actress as talentes as her was given an oportunity to show the world she has another talent. Too bad it is now over, I really think Bethany should sing more. It brings her out, it makes her different. Maybe singing for her upcoming baby will give her a chance to shine again!
  • Beautiful

    Bethany Joy Galeotti is definitely a all in one talented actress and singer. She's beautiful and she definitely plays one of my favorite characters on One Tree Hill. Her voice is just amazing and sweet. I'd really like to see her on other productions aside from One Tree Hill. I think she plays her role really well on One Tree Hill because I get captured into her character as I watch One Tree Hill and I think that's very important to me when I watch a show which is why it is one of my favorite shows. Overall she's cute and enjoyable to watch.
  • Bethany Joy is one of my favs!

    I love Bethany Joy, she is awesome! She is a very talented actress, and she plays Haley soo well. In special features on s1 dvd pack she says she read for Brooke too, but she wanted Haley, and she was glad she got Haley, well, me too! I love her! She is awesome, and pretty. And I absolutely love they Naley storyline! I can\'t wait to see what happens with them two. I love her being a cheerleader to, she has a lot of cheer, so it suits her well! I love Haley, and her and Nathan are my favorites.
  • Bethany is a very talented young actress. Her work in One Tree Hill is absolutely phenomenal.

    Bethany Joy is certainly one of my favorite female characters on One Tree Hill, and always has been. As I wrote in James Lafferty's review, I love the two of them together. They have a lot of chemistry on screen, and I have always loved that. I heart my Naley love. Not only does she play a great Haley James Scott every Wednesday, but she is an incredibly talented musician. I love her music, because it\'s exactly what I look for in a musician. She is an original, heart-and-soul musician in my opinion, and that is why her music is pure talent to me. Her combined work on One Tree Hill and her work as a musician make her one of my very favorite people. =]
  • Bethany is amazing

    Bethany= great looks, endless talent and like probably going to be even a bigger star than she already is. Betthany really deserves what she has today. She is one actress who worked hard to get into the business and guess what, she did. Her dreams came true! She has got a great sense of humor, yet she is very mature, she takes her job seriously, but knows when to have fun. Betthany plays "Haley James-Scott" In the Wb's hit TV teen drama series "One Tree Hill" she plays a smart and shy talented musician who is married in her teens.
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