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  • A very talented and wonderful person.

    Bette Midler is a very talented person. She can do so much wheither it is on stage or on screen. Shes the only person in her Genre that I like, however I do like a lot of her movies Hocus Pocus being my favorite, she was great in it, and the song she sang "I put a spell on you" is a cachie tune. I hope to see more of her in the near future.
  • She's done it all.

    Bette Midler has nearly done it all. She has been successful in her movie career, singing career, as a comidienne, and she even had a brief tv series called "Bette". She is such a wonderful actress, she can play the most comical role or the most serious, dramatic role and she can pull it off quite wonerfully. Her performance in the 1988 movie, "Beaches" was outstanding and highly reccommended to everyone. Her singing is just as wonderful as her acting. Her voice is very lovely and she even adds some unique and quirky comedy to it sometimes. More people should go out and rent her movies.