Betty Grable

Betty Grable


12/18/1916, St. Louis, Missouri



Birth Name

Ruth Elizabeth Grable



Also Known As

Ruth Grable, Betty James, Frances Dean
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Betty Grable was an American actress, singer and model from St. Louis, Missouri; she was born on December 18th, 1918 and passed away on July 2nd, 1973. Grable was a great natural beauty and was particularly praised for her legs, which fashion industry experts proclaimed had perfect proportions.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Betty Grable was engaged to Artie Shaw (A popular band leader) who, unbeknown to her, was secretly engaged to Judy Garland as well. Both Betty & Judy were shocked to find out one morning that Artie had eloped with Lana Turner the day after meeting her. The joke was on Artie though, he & Lana divorced four months later.

    • Martha Raye was actually voted the girl with the million dollar legs, but she turned down the honor because she knew her studio would put her on a long publicity tour & she wanted to spend more time touring with the USO for the troops instead. So Martha told them to give the award to the runner up; Betty Grable. Betty never forgot that it was Martha's kindness that launched her career.

    • When Betty was filming "How to Marry a Millionaire" she knew that her co-star Marilyn Monroe would take her place as the lead star at "Fox Studios", but by then she'd had her fill of stardom. Betty once again remembered what Martha had done for her, So Betty took her co-star to her long time dressing room (The best on the lot) and told Marilyn that it was her. Marilyn was shocked that Betty would offer it to her and asked Betty why. Betty replied "Honey, I've had my time in the spotlight, now it's your turn!".

    • She dated Desi Arnaz.

    • She is the niece of actor Vinton Haworth.

    • She was voted Best Figure of 1941.

  • Quotes

    • Betty: The practice of putting women on pedestals began to die out when it was discovered that they could give orders better from there.

    • Betty: You're better off betting on a horse than betting on a man. A horse may not be able to hold you tight, but he doesn't wanna wander from the stable at night.

    • Betty: The woman's vision is deep reaching, the man's far reaching. With the man the world is his heart, with the woman the heart is her world.

    • Betty: There are two reasons why I'm in showbusiness and I'm standing on both of them.