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  • Betty, This woman Patti Patterson Needs Help

    My Dear friend Patti and her son, Had just lost her love of her life from a wrongful death. The hospital would not keep him in and he had a clasp lung and pneumonia. and died at home. because the hospital would not keep him. And He died at home. Patti, is disabled and can not work. She has health issues, and can't work. Her son is working . I ellen grossman have been helping them with my paycheck every week so they can eat and get her meds. She is living in a house of mold and both are getting sicker everyday they are their. Can to Help her enough to get her to move out and join her family in Virginia, Her family can't help her either. They are broke. She is going to die if I can't get her help with big funds to get her out and put her in a safe house in Virginia. She will die from the fumes and son will join her. So Please can someone be an angel, like me to help her with one lump sum to get her out of this house. I am pleading and crying to help this person which I have done for 3years. Please can anyone help this family move to a safe place where she can get the medical help she needs. no one will take her insurance anymore for her meds. please help or if you know of anyone that can help her. thank you sincerely yours Ellen Grossman

    Betty White is so awesome! 4jJ-GOXsU
  • She is the best

    Love her so much. She is just so adorable and sweet <3
  • I love you Betty White

    I use to watch golden girls every night. I loved it. Betty are you on face book?
  • Love Her!!

    Love who she is and what she is all about. Love that she loves animals as much as I do.
  • The Best Acteress ever well one of my fav.

    Betty White this acteress is awsome.She's awsome playing as Rose Nylund on Golden Girls.That is why Rose is my favorite character and Betty White is my fav acteress.She played excellent as Rose.She has done tons of stuff.I remembered seeing her on The Wild Thornberry she played Marions mother.Betty White also loves animals.That is why sometime you will see her in animal comerical.Also did you see her in that movie "The Retriever" it shows that she does love animals and has loving care for them.Yeah as I said she is the best talented acteress there is.
  • Current day comediennes could take notes...

    Betty White has razor sharp wit and she has, through the years and several series and movies, brought it to bear in some memorable characters with some truly memorable moments.

    As a really young kid, one of my favourite things to do was watch Password with my Mom and Dad at lunch when I came home from school (yes, in the "olden days" we came home for lunch!) and she was my favourite because of her wit. I didn't even know what wit was at that point but I knew Betty was special. And she and Allan Ludden were priceless together.

    While not a Mary Tyler Moore show fan, her characterization of a self involved um...woman of large libido...was one of the few performances I did like. Unlike today's similar characters, the humour at the expense of others was not allowed to dominate: she always got her comeuppance. I need to get out and get my copy of "The Proposal" so I can see her latest at 84 years age. God Bless Her; when I'm 84 I'm gonna sit at home with my G & T and let others do for me!

    When interviewed these days she is still a class act. She will always be a class act, and will always be among the greatest and best loved for it!
  • One of Television's Sweethearts...

    To me, or I hope to America, Betty White is one of the most beloved television stars we have had in a long time. We all can love at her great characters like Rose from "The Golden Girls", or Sue Ann Nivens from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". Or possibly, we could see if she can help a contestant win on Match Game or Password...

    Along with that, she has such an EXCELLENT sense of humor, having been on such sitcoms like, preferably my favorite, "The Golden Girls" as Rose Nylund. She is so dumb, but we still love her anyway! Why? Because she is the talented BETTY WHITE! That's my review, and I'm sticking to it.
  • I really liked you when you were on The Golden Girls because I thought you had a cute nobby nose.

    I am a big fan of yours. I have watched and taped every episode with you as Rose Nylund in The Golden Girls from 1985-1992.

    I am living in a residential house because I have Aspergers Syndrome, which means I get stuck on magpies, I have been watching The Golden Girls with family and friends.

    I would like to meet you for a cake and a hot chocolate one day.
  • Betty White "America's Sweetheart." Tribute to Betty.

    Betty White is one of the most talented actors alive or deceased. Her career has spanned over 65 years and twelve emmy awards and twice the number of nominations and she is still going strong. Betty, birth name Betty, not Elizabeth was born in 1922 and when television was just an experiment, was the first person to appear on it. The broadcast was from the 6th to the 1st story in a Chicago building. This began her fasination with TV which would, upon TV's growth from a local to national phenominum would become an everlasting star. Betty, in her early years hosted a talent program which aired 5 1/2 hrs. a day 5 days a week. At the same time she starred in a sit com series on Saturdays. True to her workaholic fashion, after the talent show ended she was offered another role on a 1 hour a day program. The producers asked her if she could handle it and the Saturday program at the same time. In true Betty fashion she asked "An hour a day, what am I going to do with the rest of my time?" A true workaholic she was married three times, the last being to Password host Allen Ludden the love her life, who she met on the show. The marriage lasted 18 years until Allen's tragic death from stomach cancer. Betty never married again. Betty is known for her very raunchy sense of humor. Things come out of Betty's mouth that no one would expect but she comes across as hillarious because she is so sweet. Betty, back in the 1940's had a show with a Black man in the orchestra. The networks threatened to drop it due to the Black man and Betty would not hear of it. She forced the network to back down. She is loved by everyone she works with, expecially the crews. She is still going strong at 84 years old with a recurring role on Boston Legal. She portrays a former employee of the firm who has robbed two stores and shot two people. She was found not guilty even though she did it. Only Betty could pull off such a role. I hope that Betty goes on for ever, well known for her kindness, charity and animal love she is truely "America's Sweetheart."
  • love her

    I love her because just as I am she is a animal rights activist, but I also love every TV role she has had from the tramp on the Mary Tyler Moore show, to innocent Niave Rose on theGolden Girls, and as a game Show freak, all her appearences on classic game Shows, she is one of my all time faves
  • I love this lady!

    Betty White has always been a favorite of mine
    She I think isn't just a funny and adorable actress
    But also she is a great game show panelist
    She isn't as dumb as her characters that she has played on the show
    Due to her game show appearances like Match Game & Family Feud!
    I think she is considered one of the all-time greats
    I am glad that she has only gotten better with age!
  • This lady is funny i've seen her act and she is great. Her current role in "Boston Legal" suits her. Her past role ummm i don't know the name the show with 4 old ladies, her character is funny too. And she was really hilarious in 'Bringing Down The House'

    This lady is funny i've seen her act and she is great. Her current role in "Boston Legal" suits her. Her past role ummm i don't know the name the show with 4 old ladies, her character is funny too. And she was really hilarious in 'Bringing Down The House'.