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  • A true artist!

    Beverly D'Angelo is authentic, allowing her to assume so many different convincing characters in her career, with her expressive eyes perhaps the only obvious connection between them. I'm not an actor myself, but Ms D'Angelo's professional and whole hearted approach to her craft is a wonderful example to young, aspiring actors, or indeed any entertainer. I would have loved to have seen Ms D'Angelo in more big budget, mainstream movies here in Australia, but on reflection this desire does not really seem to agree with her fondness for the original and creative. A true artist!
  • For a short actress, she is among the giants.

    Beverly is just one of the greats. Always a treat onscreen, she's even better in cabaret (usually with her brother Jeff, playing bass). She's creative, funny, sexy, ballsy (I'm getting lazy, here, so I'll just say...) talented beyond belief.
    If you look at her contribution to American comedy and cinema, where she's usually mated with Chevy Chase, and you have to make the judgement about who's more vital to American Comedy, Bev, or Chevy; Chevy bites it. Bev rules.