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As a toddler, Beverly Duan began working in Chinese television and radio. Nickelodeon discovered Duan's wonderful voice when she was doing a local Chinese radio station cartoon. Beverly was featured in an Orange County Register article and has also appeared in write-ups by the New York Times and…more


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  • cool voice

    I see a lot of reviews about her being on the Children's show; so I searched for her on Youtube and found videos of her dance performances. She is an amazing dancer!
  • Love Love Lulu. Lulu is my child's favorite character in the whole show...

    The best choice the show Ni Hao Kai Lan made was picking Beverly Duan as the voice of Lulu. At first, I did not understand why my daughter loved her so much, then... I realized that whenever "Lulu" talks it is not annoying. Lulu has a part in Ni Hao Kai Lan, kinda of like Boots in Dora the exporer. Beverly Duan has a voice that suits Lulu. It sounds kind and a little bit like an angel. In fact, Lulu does do the job of an angel. Lulu teaches kids to help their friends and to always be patient. However, I do wish that Nick Jr. would write another script. No one is perfect in life. They should make an episode where Lulu has a problem and needs her friends help instead. That way kids will realize that it is ok to make a mistake. I love Beverly Duan as the voice of Lulu!moreless