Bevin Prince

Bevin Prince


9/23/1982, Cary, North Carolina, USA

Birth Name

Bevin Anne Prince


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Bevin Prince is an American actress, also known for her role on the series: One Tree Hill. On "One Tree Hill", she plays Bevin Mirskey, a Ravens Cheeleader. Bevin Prince has also been a member of the 2002-2003 UNC Wilmington Seahawk Dance Team, which we can see on "One Tree Hill".more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Bevin so so awsome. She is also so nice in person. i got to meet her. She's has one of the most beautiul smiles that i have ever seen. and she is so rade to . she's also a good dancer. Bevin is like her real name in real life.moreless

    Ok. Here's the thing. Bevin Prince is like the coolest person ever and the nicest. She is so Rad. I give Bevin five stars all the way because she is so awsome. She's also a great dancer. Also she has the best smile ever. she is so cool. and nice. Bevin i love you so much you have no idea. i love you like i love sophia. i was so happy that i got to meet you. your like the coolest. i think that your smile is so pretty. and i love you so much. your awsome. your one of my favorit charaters on the show and you and sophia will always me in my heart

  • Bevin is wonderful.

    Bevin is extremely talented. Her character is very easy to identify with. She is also very sweet, generous, and genuine in person. Word around hollywood is that she is very easy to work with because she is a total professional. Her personality leaps off of the television screen and instantly befriends the viewer. Very rarely am I moved by an actor or actress but in her case it happened. I cant help but wonder where she is originally from. She seems to have the grace, elegance, charisma, and charm of a young lady from the south. Tremendously talented with untapped potential.moreless