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  • Beyonce

    I love Beyonce, she's a talented woman and has a great name.
  • The most beautiful and one of the most talented women ever.

    Some people say Beyoncé is arrogant and likes to take control of everything. Yeah not true. Her dad more than anyone pushed her towards being in the spotlight, and she damn well deserves it. She's the main reason why Destiny's Child became so popular. She's most definitely a very very talented woman. She has been working at singing since she was 6 or 7 I believe, and her hard work has paid off.
    Beyoncé has a beautiful voice, a shining personality, a good worth ethic, and a drop-dead-sexy body. She has everything going for her and I'm glad she has been so successful. Ever since Destiny's Child's first album (self-titled), Beyoncé has proven over and over how talented she is. Kelly Rowland and her have become wonderful friends throughout the years (and yes Kelly is a very talented woman also), and more recently she has also become good friends with Michelle Williams.
    Yes, there were many problems with Destiny's child in the past with the parting of group members LaToya and LaTavia and later Farrah. But there were good reasons for those departures. The group Destiny's Child, although it is going to break up soon, has become an iconic group in our society. The group has many well-known songs, many of which were written by Beyoncé herself. All four albums released by Destiny's child have been major sucesses (Destiny's Child, The Writings on the Wall, Survivor, Destiny Fulfilled). Beyoncé was the driving force in the success of these albums.
    Beyoncé's solo album was also a huge success. Her album sales surpassed those of Kelly and Michelle, again proving that she is the most talented (nothing against Kelly or Michelle). Not to mention that her music videos are all extremely HOT. Beyoncé's acting experiences are another facet of her talents that she has explored. I will admit that she was horrible in Austin Powers: Gold Member. She can't be perfect at everything. But I think she was wonderful in Carmen, a Hip Hopera.
    Beyoncé looks beautiful in any type of outfit, makes everything she does a success, never gives up, has stunning beauty, and has talent that surpasses that of almost any other celebrity of today.
  • Truly a triple-threat - Singer, Dancer, Actress! Be afraid!

    I have to admit, at first, I found Beyonce a bit over-rated and over-exposed. BUT after attending her live concerts, watching interviews on the red carpet and behind-the-scene features on her various movies, this has changed dramatically. She is able to face so many 'haters' with a smile on her face (and still look fab). But what do I really love about her? The voice. Maya Angelou said it best when she said that, 'Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning'. This is what Beyonce has done for music, her fellow musicians and for her fans. The only vice I have of Beyonce's is her acting ability (especially in movies). Unfortunately she does not rate highly in this area for me, but her music videos are always amazing!
  • empty

    I think that beyonce is a nice person. But I also think that she is a little overrated though. She can sing and dance and she can act some. Some of her movies was bad and some were good. I think that she has a nice voice although Kelly Rowland had a stronger voice than her before the group had disband. She does have talent and she is a cool person. She's made some great hits that I like. I've never bought ay of her albums or anything (cuz i put my money to video games) but some of the songs she has made i like. I'm not a fan but I do like some of her music.
  • Beyonce was born in Houston, TX. She became famous with Destiny's Child with songs like Indepent Women, Bugga Boo, Say My Name, etc. In 2004, she became a soloist with B-Day and I am Sasha Fierce.Meanwhile, she starred in the Fighting Temptations,etc.

    To all of the no class having, musical tastless haters out there and on this site. Here's a message for you. Beyonce is a wonderful singer. Beyonce has talent. Unlike these some of these no talent having,fake played-out artists who has so many enhancements that you really can't tell if they can really sing, she doesn't need that. She has a natural voice she can sing and if people can't see that then they need to get their eyes checked. Not only she can sing, she also can dance and act. Beyonce has last much longer than these artists !
  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am really starting to hate Beyonce Knowles

    Okay, she has a few hit songs and she is suddenly a star! That is ridiculous! There are plenty of other singers out there that have talent! The good thing is, she is very pretty, I will have to admit that. That is probably why she is a star. Her song "Irreplaceable" just seems too whiny to me, and sometimes it sounds like she is screeching, or maybe even scratching her fingernails against a chalkboard, then it sounds like she is all out of breath at the very next part of the song. I just have a distaste for Beyonce, so please do not delete this review, it was not intended to offend any fans of Beyonce Knowles, the overrated spoiled brat. I am just not a fan, I have a large distaste for her. I was expressing my opinion, as we all have the right. And I just happen to not like her, unlike many other people, I think she is talenless and overrated. She gets what she wants too just because of stardom. Your almost 27 Beyonce, time to grow up Knowles!
  • ugghh she is so annoying!!

    She isn't that great of a singer!! Her movie Dream Girls looks idiotic and stupid so people quit making such a big deal about it!! I have never seen her in a movie so i dunno how good her acting is. But all I know is that Beyonce is annoying and I can't stand her!!!!!
  • Beyonce is bold!!!

    I think, during this year the most, Beyonce has taken alot of slander and mean comments from people. Personally I like Beyonce, and I don't care what anybody says. Beyonce can sing, although it could be a little better. Her singing is much better than most people off the street. Any way, her acting is questionable, but it's okay. If she got better rules to play, she probably would better. But, everybody also likes comparing Beyonce to people.Everybody is their own person, so why so much hate. I like Beyonce alot. She is a nice person. She's done pratically everything,from a group singer to soloist.
  • This chick is cool!

    She's beautiful and has good looks. Wanna know why people hate her? Because they are jealous. Her lyrics are to die for and her new song "Beautiful Liar" just confirmed it! After she broke up with Destiny's Child, she got better! Even though she needs better dance moves, she's still pretty good and never awful! This chick is one of my favorite soloists. I know most of the singers these days suck, but she surely isn't one of them! What's NOT to like about Beyonce? I got all of her albums. If you like contemporary R&B, then listen to Beyonce!
  • Beyonce is the best...

    Hi im striped_tiger and I wanted to write a review on beyonce.I like her songs a lot like the song called irreplaceable it was really a nice song and music video it was really a unique video but still I like her other songs. She was once a member on the group called destiny's child their songs was really cool.I was rerally disappointed about the destinys child cause I cant beleive that they broke out.but I still hope that they will be one soon. the destinys child includes beyonce,kelly rowland.... I really like their song called cater 2 u it was really good.
  • I can't stand her!

    I'm sorry people but if I hear Dangerously In Love one more time or Irreplaceable one more time I swear I can shoot someone. It's no wonder why I stopped listening to the damn radio! I don't see why men find her so hot when I've seen other women far more attractive and more hotter then anything she will ever be. Her music is lame and she definitely has become completely overrated. I don't even want to give her credit for Destiny's Child because she obviously took advantage of the band simply since her dad was manager. Last but not least she cannot act so she can stop trying please before hell breaks loose oh wait it has since she came into the picture.
  • empty

    I didn't really know of or like Destiny's Child but I really liked Beyonce's solo work and still do. Her debut song of her second solo album "Deja Vu" was really good but I think it deserved alot more attention that it recieves. In Australia, it was only "in" for a short number of weeks. I know that Beyonce has a long life of music ahead as she is loved by every teenage girl.
  • She can't sing! She can't act! She's just a no talent pretty face!

    Beyonce is famous thanks to to he band mates, but does she give them any stardom? Nope! She's too much of a diva to do so! Not only that, but she sounds like she's on helium and acid! Her voice is too sqeaky, and her songs are stupid, and whorish! The only thing worse then her singing, is her acting! She was in Austin Powers 3, and her preformance ruined it big time! Also, she's been seen wearing furs! Not only is she talentless, she also hates animals! Beyonce is talentlees, and a bad person!
  • Beyonce is a talented singer/danceer!

    With such a good sense of performing, Beyonce knows how to keep her fans satisfied!

    But lately Beyonc has become quiet the screamer. Her latest album is real cool with good songs that most have good lyrics to. but she tend to scream abit. don't get me wrong, i just love when singers try to reach the top of their voices but sometimes it could be a bit much!
  • What a voice and energy!

    Beyonce has really done it this time! Her long break has payed off! Her comeback with her new album 'B Day' was really...WOW! Her voice was more powerfull than ever and she has put much more energy to her singing, dancing and work! Besides singing, she can act and she wrote a lot of song for her album. I can't wait for her new movie 'Dreamgirls' to come out!!!
  • She is soooo hot!Gret looking, perfect voice (do i have to say more?).... Beyonce is one of my favourites!And it's because she is really talented! I am sooo sorry that I didn't rate her with 10 (it is just because-I don't like her more than Matthew Perry)

    Beyonce is cool! Great voice, perfect lookin'.... She is one of my favourites! I really think that she is talented! I love her music! She is original, and that's why I love her! She is soooo hot! My favourite her songs are Deja vu, Ring the alarm, Baby boy, Me myself and I,.... Sorry that I didn't rate her with 10, I could! But I don't love her like I love Matthew Perry! If here is no Matthew, she could have 10 from me! She is georgeus!!!
  • Beyonce is soooooooooooooooooooooo damn hot! She is the hottest woman on earth! I love her! Not only is she the hottes she's also soooooooooooooooooooo very talented she's the best! I'm so crazy in love with her! Jay Z is sooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Beyonce soooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn much! she is the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth! Jay Z is so damn lucky to have her as a girlfriend. I with I could have her as my girlfriend! What a babe! I really really really really really really really really love her so damn much! I really really really want her so bad! Jay Z is don't let her go you have it made man seriously! Your a lucky man! Damn Beyonce is soooooooooooooo hot so very damn hot what a babe I love her sooooooooooooooo very very much!
  • Sorry fans//

    Sorry fans but beyonce is the worst, I cant stand her for some reason somthing about this girl just makes me wanna shut off the tv, she has a discusting vocie and a discusting body everytime i see her on tv i just get shivers.. somthing about her makes me wanna hurl.
    Over the past I've watched movies she was in, she can act yes but shes sooo discusting I cant even think twice and acutally know wahts going on in the story cuz i always look at how big her 4head is lol, Sorry about the negativity.. but omg.. sorry I better get off here now lol
  • Shespeaks for herself she is beautiful.

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  • I absolutely love her. Totally digging her new CD and everything about Ms. Knowles.

    I recently fell in love with Beyonce. Yes, call me an obsessed fan. But I really dig her. And her songs on her new CD "B-Day". She's really talented. From her acting to singing to writing. She's excellent in all aspects. I cannot wait to buy her album. I'm planning to see her once she goes on tour. I am really amazed at how close to home her lyrics touch base with me. Which is why I connect well with her songs. And which is why I admire Beyonce. She is a true role model for girls today. She carries herself with class and respect. She's a very private person, and I can understand and relate with that. I love the fact that she doesn't take what the critics say to heart, and she does what she feels from her heart and goes with her gut. And that's what makes her original. Hopefully her new CD does well worldwide and I wish her the best success in her solo career and w/ everything else that she decides to persue.
  • Beyonce is really awesome. She is probably my favorite female singer. I love her a lot.

    Beyonce is really awesome. She is probably my favorite female singer. I love her a lot. A bunch of songs that I love by her are Deja Vu, Naughty Girl, Crazy In Love, and Check On It. I love others, but those are my main favorites. I love her looks too. She is not a thin little blade of grass like other people. I think she is also very sweet. I have heard on TV shows and such and she was SO NICE! She is also and actress. Beyonce is really funny, smart about who she is, and deserves everythinshe has.
  • Beyoncé is a singer, songwriter, and actress who is currently a member of the group Destiny's Child. She has been a member of this group for over a decade. Beyoncé has been in several movies and TV movies and released a solo album a few years ago. beyonce

    she is a very widly known celebrity. beyonce is very talented she is a good singer, song writer, and actress she is a former meber of destinys child.beyonces lates songs are baby boy, crazy in love,dangerously in love,me my self and i , and her latest song check on it. when beyonce was in destinys child they sang songs such as cater to you,bills,say my name,bootylicus,independent woman, survior,nasty girl,temtations,bug a boo ,lose my breath, and soldeir. some of the movies beyoncey played in was the pink panter,and the fighiting temtations. she has also been in a lot of pesi comercails.
  • Smart, Sexy, Crazy, Cool!

    This girl can sing, act, dance, produce, write what the heck she can do it all, well mostly all! Beyonce has never let me down from the first single "No,No,No" to "Check On It". From The first album "Destinys' Child" to "Destiny's Fufilled. Her acting also will never let me down because from "Carmen: A Hip Hopera" to "Pink Panther" she is awsome. Go do yo thang Dreamgirl.

    Beyonce has a lovely lovely voice. I see that she is like the Number 1 diva on the planet. Beyonce can sing, act, dance. Her popular dance move is called the Uh-oh. Everyone does it around the country. Beyonce has one alot of Awards at the Grammys, BET etc. Even though she broke up with Destiny's Child to work on her solo album in 2003 they got back together to make another one of their succesul debut albums that sold platinum. There singles on the album were "Lose My Breath", Solider, "Cater To You" and "Girl". On Beyonce's solo debut album in 2003, she had hits such as "Baby Boy" feat. Sean Paul, "Crazy In Love" feat. Jay-Z, "Dangerously In Love" and many more. Beyonce is such a succseful music artist. And I really hope that Beyonce continues with her succesful career.
  • The new leading singer of the RnB music world

    A very original mix of different influences and musics, united in one person, who seems to personify the ne genius of modern music. Capable of singing rap and hip hop as well as balads and romantic songs, she plays different roles with such easiness that she seems to be born for that matter. A real pleasure to hear her every time I can!!