Bianca Chiminello

Bianca Chiminello


9/5/1976, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

Bianca Jade Chiminello


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Best known for her role of the Peacekeeper Jenavian Charto on Farscape, Bianca Chiminello didn't think she would become an actress. Trained as a child to be a classical dancer, she turned to modeling at age 15. Just two years later she won the prestigious Ford Supermodel of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Bianca's Autographed card for the "Farscape: Through the Wormhole" card set was the Binder Exclusive card - Collectors could originally only obtain the card by purchasing the officially designed binder for this card set.

    • Bianca is featured on two cards in the Rittenhouse Archives card set called "Farscape: Through the Wormhole" - a crew based set.

      "Crichtons Women" Subset - Card CW9
      "Bianca Chiminello as Jenavian Charto" Autographed Card - Card A39

    • While Farscape was at it's height of popularity, Chiminello was regularly asked to attend the Farscape convention circuit. She was one of only a few of the "one-shot" characters to be asked to attend the conventions.

    • The world of acting took Chiminello away from her modeling career. But in 2003, she returned to the modeling spotlight by appearing in international designer Jeremy Scott's 2003 Summer Fashion Collection.

    • During her modeling career, Chiminello worked with many of the world's top designers, like Armani, Moschino, Escada, and Husein Callahan.

    • Chiminello once played the part of Wendy for the Victorian Ballet's production of Peter Pan.

    • Bianca admits that she approaches the act of learning her lines by figuring out what emotional journey she wants to take the audience on.

    • Bianca had auditioned for a bit part as "Snake Woman" for the show Beastmaster. The producers of the show liked her, denied her the Snake Woman part and wrote an episode specifically for her entitled "Birds."

    • Bianca had originally auditioned for the role of "The Princess" for the Farscape trilogy of episodes subtitled "Look at the Princess." The producers thought she would look better as the more dangerous Jenavian Charto.

    • In order to prepare her for her part as the aggressive Jenavian Charto in Farscape, the producers gave her a tapes from Metal Rock band Ministry and Industrial band Nine Inch Nails to listen to while driving to the set.

    • In 1991, Chiminello was named "Ford Supermodel of the World." This competition, sponsored by the New York based Ford Model Company, searches 50 countries to find the top models and give the winner oppertunities for contracts with make-up and fashion companies.

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