Bianca Kajlich

Bianca Kajlich


3/26/1977, Seattle, Washington, USA

Birth Name

Bianca Maria Kajlich


  • Bianca Kajilich stars as Jennifer on Rul...
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Bianca Kajlich is an actress best known for her role as Jen on Rules of Engagement. She began her career as a ballet dancer before transitioning to acting. Bianca was previously married to soccer player Landon Donovan.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Bianca ranked #63 in Maxim's 2007 Hot 100 List.

    • Bianca married long-time boyfriend and American soccer star Landon Donovan; December 31, 2006.

    • In the new series "Rules of Engagement" both Bianca Kajlich (Jennifer) and Oliver Hudson (Adam) have previously worked together. They were both guest stars in the WB series "Dawson's Creek" for seven episodes.

  • Quotes

    • Bianca: I love to watch Landon play. It is an amazing thing to watch someone doing something they love. I know that it means a lot to him when I am there, just as it is important to me when he comes and watches me film. I may get nervous for him if I know it is a really important game to him, but at the end of the day, how he plays has no influence on the way I feel about him. I date an extraordinary human being who just happens to play soccer.

    • Bianca: I do believe that a lot of times people think I am being fake when I am, in fact, completely genuine.

    • Bianca: I don't think I ever realized how hard it was to get into acting, because I was so dang excited about what lay ahead of me. For example, I knew two people when I moved to LA. Two people that were struggling actors themselves!

    • Bianca: I still feel like each job may be my last, I worry about where my next job will come from, I get down on myself and wonder if it's worth all the stress.

    • Bianca: I moved without even considering the statistics of how many people are in this city trying to be actors compared to how many are actually working. Also, I don't believe that I am done "getting into acting".

    • Bianca: At the end of the day, I love what I do. It is worth it because it makes me happy. And nothing worthwhile comes easy, otherwise you wouldn't fully appreciate it.

    • Bianca: I'm really starting to wonder if there's someone out there who encompasses the package I'm looking for.

    • Bianca: Most of my friends are guys, it's just easy to be myself and hang out. My nickname among my guy friends is "The Dude".

    • Bianca: In the first three months [living in L.A.], some guy went psycho and opened up an UZI down the street.

    • Bianca: Busta [Rhymes] is awesome. He's a classy guy, one of the few gentlemen left out there. I don't know what the aura color for sunshine is, but he has it, it's all love.

    • Bianca: My parents were superstrict, I wasn't even allowed to watch Three's Company.

    • Bianca: I love to party, but I'm more likely to be found at home painting or watching movies.

    • Bianca: The scariest thing about Michael Myers is that you can't see his face. There's this very animalistic quality about him - it's someone you can't communicate with.

    • Bianca: A neighbor says to me one day, "I want you to read my journal." He showed up two days later running around the apartment complex with a knife, and the cops came and got him. It was freaky, I attract the crazy loonies.

    • Bianca: I think I'd be a bad ass cop. I have this vision of me on patrol in my uniform, how sassy I'd be!

    • Bianca: My mom's family is from Italy and my dad is from Slovakia.

    • Bianca: Now that I look back, I think, "What an idiot!" I just jumped in my car and drove down here [from Seattle to L.A.]. But at the time, I didn't think I might not get work.

    • Bianca: You can't think about the possibility of failing because then you scare yourself.

    • Bianca: (when she saw recruits still training long after the cast called it a day) We're going home and sleeping in our nice beds and they're still going.

    • Bianca: My time was almost up, I hadn't gotten any really big parts and had only $20 to my name. So I'd pretty much called it quits and decided to spend my last day at Magic Mountain.

    • Bianca: I thought I might meet a guy, but they were all too serious.

    • Bianca: I did tons of stunts, like one where I stood up straight, with my legs together, on top of a guy's hands.

    • Bianca: I'm not in to muscles.

    • Bianca: Everyone was yelling at me about how I almost missed out on Semper Fi by not calling back. But it was worth it. The Superman ride is unreal.

    • Bianca: I dragged a bunch of friends to the the theater to see 10 things I hate about you, only to realize, surprise, I wasn't really in the movie. You can still see me in the background, but my scene had been cut.

    • Bianca: It was my first major Hollywood lesson: You can and will be cut out of a film if you don't have a name.

    • Bianca: (on her character being deflowered on Boston Public) He took my on-screen virginity, but he was very gentle.

  • She is most overlooked and has succeeded very quickly.

    Knowing where she comes from and how the market is (Seattle) I have alot of respect for Bianca. She started out as a background artist and in a matter of a few years had her own lead in a tv show. That cannot be without merit. Also, having spoken to casting directors who were familar with her work praised her abilities and that is hard to come by sincerely in the Seattle market. I feel that when Hollywood discovers the untapped resource that they have in Bianca Kajlich, we will all benefit. After all Hollywood could use real talent these days.moreless
  • hot babe!

    She is so hot, I can't belive it at all. I love her on really wierd writing hot piucture. I lvoe her! She is so hot! I lvoe her voice to it is sexy. IF you haven't seen her you should watch her cause she is a must see. She is one of the most colorful actresses on TV. She is perfect for this Sitcom as a young engaged fiance she is young energetic and learning and that make her perfect for this show. She is the hotttest babe on tv I wish she had more and she is very underated.moreless