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    • (on being an analyst for "BattleBots")
      Bil Dwyer: It's been so cool! I think that you just get really caught up in it. I had heard about BattleBots before, but had never seen it. Once you start watching the matches, and getting involved in what goes on and what people are doing it, you get drawn in. There are rivalries, robots you like and don't like -- it's like football season!

    • (on being an analyst for "BattleBots")
      Bil Dwyer: It was so unglamorous -- every comic in LA auditioned for it, and I got it. And now I get to rub their noses in it! My career has taken this odd sports turn, which I kind of enjoy. It's something I'm good at -- calling robot bouts! I always imagined myself hosting something. If you had asked me years back could I ever picture myself doing play-by -play commentary on robots fighting, I'd say no. It's not that different from stand-up -- you're reacting to what's going on. But I like to slip in a couple of dandies whenever I can...