Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey


2/24/1964, Bath, Somerset, England

Birth Name

Mark Bailey



Also Known As

bilbo, Bill Bailey (IV)
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Bill Bailey's real name is Mark and gained the Nick-name Bill at school from his teacher. Bill is well known for his stand up comedy, mixed with comicality, witty songs of ants and Chris de Burgh.

Bill's early work on stage was a duo called the Rubber Bishops…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Bill Bailey, the master of comedy and music, managing to just put the two of them into a show and it creates... Something that is totally different.

    Bill Bailey. I haven't beens a fan of his for long, a few years; after buying the Comic Aid DVD I was introduced to him. And I was in stitches, his jokes were fresh and yet it was the love song that he sang that I loved the most. He could just sing this song, looking like he meant every word, or acting like he meant every word, and yet everything that he was singing about; 'oh he's so sensitive, he's got a tattoo.

    Well carving you name in my forehead with a compass was not enough for you!'

    That song introduced to the world of Bill Bailey, and I haven't looked back.

    In Buzzcocks his humour is apparent and completely random, in Black Books his humour is brought through his character Manny and working with other comedian's. On his own, on the stage he is electric. Some people may not agree and think he is funny, but he's too random. I love that, I like random things, having a conversation that can be serious to talking about how Hitler was a vegatrain and look Ghandi was too. He just points out the obvious and manages to make it funny.moreless
  • Bill Bailey is a genius! I can't get enough!

    Bill Bailey has to be my favourite comedian EVER. I'm a big fan of comedy so I've definately done my research, but I'm also a musician, so Bill Bailey impresses me the most.

    From the work I've seen him do; his solo shows (Part Troll, Bewilderness etc.) and Series' (Black Books, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, QI etc.) he's become my idle :D

    Spontaniously hilarious, extremely talented... and slightly weird... are the words I'd use to describe him. Don't let the crazy, hippy-look put you off, I reccomend him to anyone - even random people in the street who I don't know. I can't stop smiling hen I see him, any time I hear his name my ears prick up, and I can't stop talking about him... maybe I'm just a little obsessed... but anyway... Bill is a genius and I WILL definately see him live! I reccomend you do the same! If not, get a DVD or watch him on TV (hey, that rhymes...).moreless