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    Bill was one of the first adult actors I appreciated as a kid--right up till he died (way too soon) in 1993. "The Hulk" was one of my favorites, and so was "The Courtship of Eddie's Father". In both series', Bill portrayed intelligent sensitive men in difficult situations with dignity and compassion, never for once putting his needs before those of others. I haven't seen much of his other tv work, aside from made-for-tv movies, but from what I gather he could play cold-blooded types as easily and believably as sympathetic ones.

    Bil Bixby left this world way too soon, and even at 74, which he would be today, I think he would still be working, both on and off-camera.
  • What an actor...

    i have only seen Bill Bixby act in one shopw; the incredible hulk, and i love that show. i think he did an awesome job of protraying David banner. i know he's been married like five or six times and one of his wives commited suicide .i was sad to hear that he had passed away in 1993 due to cancer.i have seen him in two movies, one of which he directed, and i liked him in them.i do feel that he felt he was too important but just because of rumours, they say that the incredible hulk ended because bil bixy's contract was up, but Lou Ferrigno said they cancelled the show without him or bill even knowing about it.i think that he was a very talented actor.
  • Bill Bixby was meant to be David Banner.

    I only know Bill Bixby by watching episodes of "The Incredible Hulk" and he is amazing. No one can portrat the Banner character as good as he did. Watching the show you can feel the emotion he brings out when he does the character, it's as if he actually was David Banner. He died November 1993 from prostate cancer, he was only 59. He was very talened, he directed a couple of movies and shows and was very good friends with Elvis because he did some movies with him back then. Bill Bixby was more of a comedy type guy, I can tell because I have watched him in other movies and My Favorite Martian was comedy. When he does funny parts on the Incredible Hulk, it's so hilarious, he has the talent to be a serious character and a character who doesn't take things seriously. In my opinion he was the primary reason why the Incredible Hulk TV series was so successful.