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Bill Burr


Boston, Massachusetts

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    • [His feelings while shooting his HBO special]
      Bill Burr: I was scared to death because for the comics of my generation, HBO specials are like the pinnacle. I'm thinking of all these unbelievable comedians I've seen on HBO: Chris Rock, George Carlin, Damon Wayans, Richard Pryor and Billy Crystal. I started having a panic attack seeing my name in that list of people. It was pretty overwhelming.

    • [On working with Dave Chappelle]
      Bill Burr: Dave Chappelle was great. He's just the way he is in the wraparounds on the show. He's a really laid back guy. Just doing five skits on his show gave me enough exposure where I was able to move up a few notches, which was like night and day from where I was in this business. So I'm always thanking him.

    • [On his first show]
      Bill Burr: It was awful, but exciting. I was supposed to do five minutes, but I did three and got off the stage. I got a couple of laughs. I tried a bunch of jobs at that point and I sucked at everything, but when I did stand-up it felt right. Felt amazing, even though I sucked. It was a contest. Find Boston's funniest student. It was a scam to fill the club with a bunch of drunk college kids watching their friends. I was going to Emerson at the time and Emerson has a bunch of freaks on it so it lasted two nights.