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Bill Clinton


Bill Clinton Fan Reviews (6)

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  • One of the best presidents of all time.

    There is no denying that Bill Clinton is light years better than George Bush. There is no comparison. Bill Clinton is one of the smartest presidents and to further back my opinion, I will state the reasons why. When Bill Clinton was in office, there was a national surplus. America had friends all around the world. Gas prices were as low as $1.10. The housing market was in good condition. Jobs could be had almost anywhere, and I am talking about good, well-paying jobs. Social Security was not robbed. The economy was thriving. The point is, America was in great shape. Than the republicans take office and undo everything that the Clinton adminstration helped establish. What happened? Under a republican president, there was a terrorist attack, one of the worst in history. Gas prices surged to a record of $4.00 a gallon. The national debt hit over 3 billion dollars. We lost most of our friends around the world. The nation went into a recession. Jobs are scarce to find. The reublicans have taken money out of Social Security to fund a war that may never end. The troops have kept America safe. Some people want to say it was Bush, but it was our troops. We owe a great debt to God and all the men and women that have shed their blood and tears for our safety. Bill Clinton cheated on his wife. That I don't agree with. But that is personal and if you want to compare personal records with that of George Bush, Clinton wins. The Bush adminstration has had so many scandals, miscues, and so many of their own stepped down only trying to save face. Bill Clinton was a great president. Many of you bashers need to open your eyes and think was life better then or now? Thank you.
  • My favorite president of all time.

    I love Bill Clinton he knew what to do he was very smart and talented he even didn't make bad lies like George W. Bush did it would have been nice if he stayed president but you can only be president twice it is good to hear that his wife is running for president though I don't know how good she might be I think his wife might do okay as president of the united states of america that is if she wins the ellection she might anyways also I wonder if this guy will ever fight against George W. Bush.
  • One of the most overrated presidents ever.

    I do not understand why this guy is so popular and a model for wanna-be presidents. In his eight years he did nothing spectacular, or never did anything that was even remotely good for this country. For example, his policy of cutting military and defense spending made it easier for terrorists to attack us on September 11th. He had a chance to catch Osama bin Laden after the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 but did not and now, we have a big mess to clean up. I sincerely hope and pray that his wife Hillary Clinton does not win the election in 2008. She is not even successful in the senate!
  • He is my favorite president no doubt.

    Many people think he is a pervert and one of the worst presidents ever. Not me. Put all that aside and what do you have? The answer is one great president. Another reason why I like this guy is because of the recognition he gets on Political Flash Movies. He will always remain my favorite president.
  • Nothing but a big loser who should have been impeached.

    Let me lay this down about this man. He was the worst president America ever had. He took George Bush's chance at a second term away from him. I do not know how he could have won by two landslides. He cheated on Hillary Rodham and he stole the stuff in the White House and Air Force One. He is nothing, but a big old cretin. I hope his wife never gets a chance to run as the Democrat nominee, because if she wins, then I will lose faith in USA for the next four years. This man should have lost the presidency when practically everyone had a better chance for a better America. At least now, we have got a man we can trust like George W. Bush running the USA.
  • Greatest president since JFK.

    This guy is in the top ten list of america's greatest president. He was a smart president and keep peace with other nation and didn't start a war that made no scence. Though's were the good old day's. Also about the scandal, there were president before him that did this. Just he only got caught.