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  • One of the best presidents of all time.

    There is no denying that Bill Clinton is light years better than George Bush. There is no comparison. Bill Clinton is one of the smartest presidents and to further back my opinion, I will state the reasons why. When Bill Clinton was in office, there was a national surplus. America had friends all around the world. Gas prices were as low as $1.10. The housing market was in good condition. Jobs could be had almost anywhere, and I am talking about good, well-paying jobs. Social Security was not robbed. The economy was thriving. The point is, America was in great shape. Than the republicans take office and undo everything that the Clinton adminstration helped establish. What happened? Under a republican president, there was a terrorist attack, one of the worst in history. Gas prices surged to a record of $4.00 a gallon. The national debt hit over 3 billion dollars. We lost most of our friends around the world. The nation went into a recession. Jobs are scarce to find. The reublicans have taken money out of Social Security to fund a war that may never end. The troops have kept America safe. Some people want to say it was Bush, but it was our troops. We owe a great debt to God and all the men and women that have shed their blood and tears for our safety. Bill Clinton cheated on his wife. That I don't agree with. But that is personal and if you want to compare personal records with that of George Bush, Clinton wins. The Bush adminstration has had so many scandals, miscues, and so many of their own stepped down only trying to save face. Bill Clinton was a great president. Many of you bashers need to open your eyes and think was life better then or now? Thank you.