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  • A television icon.

    Bill Cosby has my respect as a celebrity. I think that he's one of the most genuine people and has made his mark in television for the ages. The Bill Cosby show was great. I thought that it was really funny as its humor was original and its acting was very good, especially for a sitcom. I feel bad for Bill about what happened to his son. He has shown some great toughness in keeping his life together after the tragedy. He has been an unforgettable person and he will go down as one of television's faces. He did very well for African-Americans by being a great role model. Thank you.
  • classic!

    If you do not know who Bill Cosby is then you've missed one of the greatest and most well - known comedians today. He has his own unique styles that defines him and makes him stand out. The moments he created in the Cosby Show are just halarious and stay with us forever. He made one of the funniest shows with the most interesting tv family out there. I really enjoy his type of humor and his uniqueness. Overall, amazing actor and comedian and one of the all time greats that should be recognized for his amazing work over the years.
  • Where is My Pud – Ding!?

    What can I say about old’ Bill? He’s lost his edge, is probably one thing (Did Phil’s Funny Man even have an edge to begin with?). Everybody seems to be directing skits and funny parodies of dear old Mr. Cosby. Hate to have to admit it but he’s been labeled “the Black Mr. Rogers” – That’s just a scary thing.

    As a child without consciousness i.e. the ability to sift through the garbage on TV I loved The Cosby’s. As I got older and grew more disillusioned with the world and everything else, I began to despise TV Shows like these…Hence my Hatred of 7th Heaven and the happy-go-lucky crap it represents.

    I suppose he’s over stayed his welcome like stale milk in the fridge. You don’t want to touch it but you HAVE to get rid of it; but while it’s in the fridge turning into curds and whey you make cracks about how it stinks!

    Don’t get me wrong, overall he’s okay.

  • Bill Cosby truly is one of the all time greats!

    Bill has always made it possible to show Afican American in an extremly good way with his hit TV show, The Coby Show. Not only is the show funny and successful, but it led many other people to stardom. Also Bill Cosby does a good way of parenting. By teaching kids and parents life on the set and on off they set. His stand-up comedy talks about many thing that many people can relate to. I also believe he is the greatest becauce he goes to many colleges helpng many students. He knows that education is very important. He doesn't just talk the talk but also walk the walk. This is why Bill Cosby is one of the all-time greats.
  • One of the all-time greats.

    Bill Cosby is a legend. He is a comedian, but used clean humor to make him funny. The Cosby Show shall be remembered for ages, and it was him that made it funny. He's a great role model that shows that you don't have to use gross/ dirty humor to make jokes funny. Overall, he's a funny, clean, comedy legend.
  • What's not to love about the Coz?

    Bill Cosby is a legendary comedian. 'Nuff said. He will always make you laugh, whether you be a toddler or a grandparent. Whenever you feel down, Cosby will put a smile on your face. He has made his mark in television history, especially with creating the classic "Fat Albert" cartoon, and voicing one of the most classic lines of all time that you still find yourself saying every now and then: "Hey, hey hey!" And, of course, who can forget The Cosby Show? I still find myself watching repeats on Nick at Nite on a weekly basis. The Cosby Show, and Bill Cosby himself, paved the way for African-American families and comedians. He is truly a legend.
  • General, clean humor that applies to all ages.

    Humor varies from person to person. What one person thinks is funny, the other person may not. Some people like slap-stick, some like blue collar, and some like dry humor. It also depends on the age of the person-whether it is a child or a grown adult or a teenager.

    Now-a-days, it is almost impossible to find a type of comedy or comedian that is liked by kids, teens, and adults, and is just plain ol' fun and clean humor. There is, though, one exception. This exception is a man by the name of Bill Cosby.

    Never, I think, will you find a man and comedian that provides such clean humor for all ages. Never does he talk about racism or use sexual undertones or use profanity. He is a man whose jokes not only kids laugh at, but he has the uncanny talent to make adults laugh at the same exact joke.

    Cosby is not only great because of his ability to make everyone laugh, but he also is the wittiest and most fun guy you'll ever see. If you have ever watched "The Cosby Show," you will see that he is quick on his feet and hilarious all at the same time. Maybe the fact that he would ask not to get a script shows that he believes that the humor of what happens and what is said on instinct and in our everyday lives is true comedy. He would ask for just a summary and key parts. Bill improvised more than half of "The Cosby Show" and he still never failed to entertain all.

    Cosby's humor and legacy is timeless and truly original. He is defenitely one of greatest, if not THE greatest comedian, that has ever lived. Never again could the warm and fun-loving humor of Bill Cosby ever be duplicated.
  • Bill Cosby is my hero! He is the best father for a sitcom in history. I even felt like Bill Cosby was my dad a couple of times. Just a great man.

    Bill Cosby rules! Bill Cosby is America\'s favorite dad, I wish he had run for President, I sure would have voted for him. Bill Cosby was great in the Cosby Show, and made it so realistic. He is so likeable that his show was number 1 for about 5 years consecutively. The Cosby show was probably the greatest family sitcom ever, and everyone loved it. Bill Cosby tried reprising his role in another CBS show nicknamed \"Cosby\", the show wasn\'t a major hit and so got cancelled. Then he began Kid\'s say the darndest things for a couple of years, and now he is completely off the showbiz stage. He did Fat Albert which is a great cartoon. Bill Cosby rules! Bill Cosby for president!!
  • Bill Cosby: A phenom

    Dr. Bill Cosby has done much in his life. His credits include a multitude of television shows, a long-time spokesperson, a stand-up comedian, an advocate of modern African-American issues, and many others. Through all of his work, he has become on of the greats in our world.

    From his comedic writings to his parental teachings, Cosby has had some sort of impact somewhere, somehow. With his comedic style stay away from foul language and obscene situations, Cosby has become the perfect model through time.

    Without Bill Cosby, the world would be a far worse place. For years, the voice of Fat Albert brought a smile to every child on the block. For every sad kid watching an episode of one of his shows, he made them happy. For every parent, who thought their family was dysfunctional, Cosby was there to make everything better.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Bill Cosby: A Gift To This World.
  • I LOVE BILL COSBY!!!!!!!!!!

    Bill Cosby... at 7, I swear i thought he was (insert god of choice here). Bill Cosby is an amazing actor and I can't imagine the world without him or his work. I think his directing talents are more vast than space and his acting abilities are uncanny. I believe now that no man is perfect but Bill Cosby is close enough for me. Go Cos!