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    • Jerome Bettis: (on Bill Cowher, after winning the Super Bowl) Now he has that championship, you have to consider him one of the best coaches ever. We're a tough-minded, physical, hard-nosed team - we reflect our coach's character.

    • Bill: (when asked to explain his 9-0 Monday night home record) The Pittsburgh fans. It's not me; it's the Pittsburgh fans. This is a great place to play on a Monday night.

    • Bill: We know the path that is ahead of us. It's a tough journey, but I kind of think we are looking forward to it.

    • Bill: I don't watch any pregame shows.

    • Bill: (on how if feels to be a Superbowl winner) It really does fill a void that's been there.

    • Bill: (about being able to hold the Lombardi trophy) I've been waiting a long time. We're taking this baby back home and putting it in the trophy room.

    • Bill: (when asked if it is difficult to play angry every week) Angry's too strong. Mad you're more in control. And that's the truth. You don't want to be angry. Just mad. Mad, mad, there's nothing wrong with being mad because there's some poise, some determination involved with that. Angry, at times, you can lose your poise. You can lose your focus and you don't want to lose your focus when you're playing the game. Now, you can play with a demeanor and you're determined. Determined and mad, in the game of football, are synonymous in my mind.

    • Bill: I grew up here, my parents still live here, and I've been able to raise my girls here. We've been in the same house since 1992 and that's unique in our business.

    • Bill: Confidence is a very fragile thing, and it certainly is something that has to start with your mental approach and your ability to respond and stay focused and not allow negative thoughts to enter into your own mind. When you're successful, it's easier to expect success. All of a sudden it's not there, it becomes more of a challenge.

    • Bill: Options are cool. I think we should play it safe and just beat the Lions. But we can't take them lightly. Well, we can, and we probably will, but we'll disguise it well. Like Harrington said earlier, Detroit is riding a one-game winning streak, and their kicking game is on fire. We know Detroit will give us their best shot, so we better bring our C game at worst.

    • Bill: So what if we won ugly?

    • Bill: I want to bring back the pride and tradition long associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and more importantly, with the people of Pittsburgh.