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    • Bill Dow: (On how he got into acting) Well, I was going to university, and took a couple of years of university, and I was without direction…I didn't really know what I was going to do and I took a year off and traveled around Europe which was the last time I was in Paris actually, so that let's you know how long ago that was. When I came back I took a drama class just because I thought it would be an easy elective that would fit in with the rest of my program and I fell in love with the theatre and the people that were there and just the ability and the potential for communication and so as time went on, I spent more and more time in the theatre and in the drama department then conducting the rest of my studies until by the time I was supposed to finish university. I was fit for nothing else really. So I stopped going to school and carried on in the theatre and even at that point I hadn't really committed being an actor, I just ... I found I wasn't much good for anything else. I wasn't technically inclined so I could run a saw or hammer or nail straight or any of that kind of thing. I wasn't organized enough to be stage manager. So acting was about the only thing I could do. And fortunately for me, people saw some merit in hiring me and gave me jobs and I worked kind across the country, across Canada as an actor for a few years and then by that time I decided that this is in fact what I do and I will be an actor. And since then I've gone into directing, I've done a lot of directing in theatre, I've directed a short film which gained a certain amount of notoriety and then a few different things like that. Surprisingly enough and much to the delight of my parents I'm now back in university and doing a masters degree in humanities and cultural studies.

    • Bill Dow: I loved doing the X-Files, David and Gillian were always very supportive, we had a good time together - lots of laughs. Of course, when that show was just becoming popular there was a lot of excitement around it, because that kind of success was new to everyone. Coming onto Stargate was different because there was this well-oiled machine clicking along. When I did that first episode there was no indication that there was any future for Dr. Lee. So it was very gratifying as the writers started to discover what I could bring to the show. Also, my relationships with the cast grew over time - I guess I only wish I had started sooner so that Richard and I could have done more together - we had a real blast together. And now, of course, as Stargate re-imagines itself, there is the kind of excitement that comes with creating something new - and we don't really know yet what all the possibilities are. I think that's always the best, that period where anything can happen - you get a sense that its good, and that it is still unfolding...the actual creation. I like that the best.

    • Bill Dow: (On his favorite character to play)Well, again, they all have a special place and allow me to visit different areas of myself. I love playing Dr. Lee its just so much fun. I really enjoyed the last play I did I played Martin Dysart in "Equus" - and it had a big effect on me. It is about a man who has found that the passion has left his life, he is experiencing a very small slice of what is available in the world he has no reverence, no worship, and no ecstasy. I found it very inspirational to tell that story night after night, it was a real spur to me to not become complacent.

    • Bill Dow: (About which aspect of his career he prefers) I really love it all. I feel particularly fortunate that I can explore all these different avenues. Essentially I love stories and story telling directing, acting, writing, they allow me to share that joy in so many ways. For instance, acting is something you do collaboratively, you create with the director and your fellow actors it is a social and cooperative experience. Directing starts with a more visionary, individual, process and becomes collaborative with a wider group designers, writers, camera and lighting people. It requires great skills of organization and communication. Writing is at some point more solitary, but with a sense of trying to connect all of humanity. I guess all of it writing, acting, directing, is about building connections.