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    • Bill Dow: I loved doing the X-Files, David and Gillian were always very supportive, we had a good time together - lots of laughs. Of course, when that show was just becoming popular there was a lot of excitement around it, because that kind of success was new to everyone. Coming onto Stargate was different because there was this well-oiled machine clicking along. When I did that first episode there was no indication that there was any future for Dr. Lee. So it was very gratifying as the writers started to discover what I could bring to the show. Also, my relationships with the cast grew over time - I guess I only wish I had started sooner so that Richard and I could have done more together - we had a real blast together. And now, of course, as Stargate re-imagines itself, there is the kind of excitement that comes with creating something new - and we don't really know yet what all the possibilities are. I think that's always the best, that period where anything can happen - you get a sense that its good, and that it is still unfolding...the actual creation. I like that the best.