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    • Bill Dow: (On how he got into acting) Well, I was going to university, and took a couple of years of university, and I was without direction…I didn't really know what I was going to do and I took a year off and traveled around Europe which was the last time I was in Paris actually, so that let's you know how long ago that was. When I came back I took a drama class just because I thought it would be an easy elective that would fit in with the rest of my program and I fell in love with the theatre and the people that were there and just the ability and the potential for communication and so as time went on, I spent more and more time in the theatre and in the drama department then conducting the rest of my studies until by the time I was supposed to finish university. I was fit for nothing else really. So I stopped going to school and carried on in the theatre and even at that point I hadn't really committed being an actor, I just ... I found I wasn't much good for anything else. I wasn't technically inclined so I could run a saw or hammer or nail straight or any of that kind of thing. I wasn't organized enough to be stage manager. So acting was about the only thing I could do. And fortunately for me, people saw some merit in hiring me and gave me jobs and I worked kind across the country, across Canada as an actor for a few years and then by that time I decided that this is in fact what I do and I will be an actor. And since then I've gone into directing, I've done a lot of directing in theatre, I've directed a short film which gained a certain amount of notoriety and then a few different things like that. Surprisingly enough and much to the delight of my parents I'm now back in university and doing a masters degree in humanities and cultural studies.