Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott


10/8/1955, Dawsonville, Georgia, USA

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Bill Elliott was born in Dawsonville, Georgia on October 8, 1955. He is the youngest of three boys, and his father owned a lumber company and later created a speed shop due to his love of racing where Bill's brothers would both work. This helped Bill start his…more


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    • Bill Elliott: In 2004 I ran a total of six races. The more time I spend away from the track, the more I realize that I am prepared to walk completely away. The reality is that eventually - and sooner rather than later - I'm going to have to walk whether I want to or not.

    • Bill Elliott: Crossing that finish line was the pinnacle of my still-young career. Two years earlier we had gotten our first win, and that was big. Then we had our first Daytona win earlier in 1985. That was huge. This win was not only our tenth of the season, but it was inaugural Winston Million. We had accomplished something that no other team or driver in the history of the sport had ever done.

    • Bill Elliott: The car we brought to Daytona was so blatantly superior that I thought we were a prohibitive favorite. In fact, that car was as good as any car racing in NASCAR this year, twenty years later.

    • Bill Elliot: Throughout my career I've had the benefit of uncanny timing.I guess to some degree you make your own luck. Sure we won that Riverside race thanks to rain, but I've lost far more races to bad luck than I ever won through good luck.

    • Bill Elliott: We know now that nothing could have been farther from the truth. That stuff about full-face helmets was a myth. Now, since Dale died, we have more facts than myths.

    • Bill Elliott: Dale had an uncanny way of being able to work whoever he wanted to his advantage whether it was the media, the fans, other drivers or NASCAR. He knew how to work the system as well as anybody I've ever met.

    • Bill Elliott: Daytona is a special place and the '500' is a special race. I haven't reached the point where I am content to watch this race on television. I would rather be part of the action - it's the big show.

    • Bill Elliott: When I stopped driving full time in 2003, my ties with Dodge ended, and now that's all Ray's deal. Once Ray said this was OK to do, I decided to do it, and we'll see where the wind blows me.

    • Bill Elliott: The young guys are going to be a great part of this sport in the near future. But I still want to make my mark while I'm here.

    • Bill Elliott: California is the kind of track that suits us pretty well. We've had some good qualifying and race runs there in the past.