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  • Great Comic.

    He is so damn funny. Great guy. Didn't like his tv show.
  • decent comic, but not the best actor

    Bill will not get an academy award any time soon. I will admit that I have not seen much of his acting, but have seen several of his stand-up acts that I do enjoy. He is not my favorite in any category however. I have seen Delta Farce at the theater. I have seen Country Fried Home Videos on CMT. I don't think he is acting, but he likely is memorizing script. My point is that he is basically playing himself wearing something different! A great actor is able to play various roles that have very different traits. He really has not done that. I am basically writing this review after seeing several 10's and nothing lower posted. Gimme a break! Get real. (The Dorkfish is about as diverse as he has got!)
  • I love the here's your sign bit, because there are so many stupid people in the world.

    He is hilarious, and is funy to watch. I hope he is in more stuff, maybe his own show or something. I liked his stand up routine, epescially when he makes fun of stupid people or just people who are doing something stupid might be the better way to put it. I was actually at a Quizno's sub, and there was a sign with the combo's on it, and someone asked the guy at the counter about the combo's and I was like here's your sign. I don't think he heard me though. It's contagious, he has other good material too, and was very good on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
  • Great comedian, no doubts!

    Bill Engvall is a comedian that focuses on the stupidity of human nature and does a great job making jokes about it! Bill\'s funny because his jokes are based on truth. the \"Here\'s Your Sign\" jokes are there so he can give stupid people a sign that says \"I\'m Stupid!\". He\'s right too! My personal favorite is, \"One time, I saw a trucker had his truck broken down. We were on the highway, so I started talkin\' to him. Then the highway officer comes over and inspects his truck and I\'m thinkin\', \'Dear God, he can\'t possibly say it! Cause I\'ll just start laughing!\' Sure enough, he said, \'Get your truck stuck?\' Without missing a beat, he said, \'Nope, I was delivering that overpass and I ran out of gas!\" Here\'s your sign! Bill should consider going into movies because he\'s so talented.
  • Great and funny comic!

    Bill I think is a great and funny comic in
    His own right despite the presence of Jeff Foxworthy and
    Larry the Cable Guy! I love Blue Collar Comedy as southerners aren't just a bunch of dumb bumpkins as they really know how to cut up!
    Keep up the good work Bill and the other guys but you all three do of course!
  • He is a hilarious comic.

    I've been a fan of Bill Engvall since his first CD, "Here's Your Sign" came out in 1996. When I first heard his comedy, I thought (and still do) that Bill was pretty funny. He does a great job of observing everyday life and voicing his funny view of what he see, with his "Here's your sign" bit as good example. It is what he's most likely best known for. What I also like about Bill's comedy act is when he talks about what happens with is family during vacations, with his story of when they went to the Bahamas after his hernia operation. Another thing that I like about BIll's act is how he makes his experince in quitting smoking through accupuncture quite humorus. This goes to show that the comic has great sense of humor to find what's funny in kicking a cigarette addiction. In all, I find Bill to be one hillarious man, and hope that he's in the world of comedy for years to come.
  • The first Bill Engvall review

    Here's your Sign... one of his famous routines, I got to see Biil Engvall live in April and his is very entertaining. like Jeff Foxworthy hes a great comedian and he was great on the Jeff Foxworthy show. He's one of my favorite comedians I always try to watch Blue Collar Comedy TV.