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    • Bill Engvall: The only reason that Ron is not a member of the permanent cast is because he had is own deal for a television show. However, I am sure that he will be making many more guest appearances.

    • Bill Engvall: I also believe that if you work clean not only do you reach a wider audience but you will work longer. I believe that one of the reasons for the success of Blue Collar is that we have tapped an audience that has been largely underserved by the media.

    • Bill Engvall (when asked how different stand up was from a variety show): They are two completely different animals, Sketch is fun because you get to play several different characters. I still love the rush of stand-up though, I believe that you dance with who brung you and I will never stop doing stand-up.

    • Bill Engvall: For the most part we have a staff of writers, but we submit sketches and ideas to the producers and have a great deal of input creatively.

    • Bill Engvall: If you were to ask all four guys individually who their top five bands were I believe that all of us would have Lynyrd Skynyrd in that top five, so it was a natural choice.

    • Bill Engvall: We were filming the actual concert at the Dodge theatre in Phoenix because we all have a great fan base in Arizona, it was truly a great experience.

    • Bill Engvall: The movie Blue Collar Comedy tour came about from the success of the Blue Collar Comedy tour. Our manager had the idea for the movie. In fact we just finished filming the second Blue Collar Tour movie it will be released in December it is called Blue Collar Tour rides again.

    • Bill Engvall (When asked if his wife thought he was funny): I think so, but she has put up with it so long. God bless her.

    • Bill Engvall: (When asked how his kids felt about the stories you tell about them onstage) I have great kids, and they don't mind the stories. They also enjoy the perks of the business.

    • Bill Engvall: Believe it or not, we video conference over the computer. That way we can see each other.

    • Bill Engvall (when asked what it was like to sit on Trace Adkin's lap ): Weird! But I think that Trace was a lot more uncomfortable than I was. I was laughing so hard.

    • Bill Engvall (when asked if he still watched himself in the reruns of "The Jeff Foxworthy Show"): Sometimes I will catch an episode and think, "Jeez, I had hair."

    • Bill Engvall (when asked who was the smartest member of the Blue Collar Comedy tour): Me! Of course.

    • Bill Engvall (When asked if he's ever be in a Big & Rich video): In a heartbeat. I love them.

    • Bill Engvall: I don't think that it would surprise my fans, but I would pay to see Steve Martin do stand-up again.

    • Bill Engvall: I shaved for the Blue Collar TV so that I could play a lot of different characters. When I am on the road, I am only being me.

    • Bill Engvall (when asked what is the strangest thing someone has ever told you at one of your events): Someone asked me if Jeff Foxworthy and I were cousins. I laughed out loud.

    • Bill Engvall: I think that a great comedian is someone who is natural and not forced. I would say get as much stage time as you can and always keep your material relatable.

    • Bill Engvall: I think that my favorite album would be Dorkfish. I just felt like I had finally found myself, and it was a blast to record.

    • Bill Engvall: I thought of that when I was in the clubs. I used to say that stupid people should be slapped, but I changed it to "Here's Your Sign."

    • Bill Engvall (when asked when he first thought he could be paid to be funny): I guess that I knew I had a sense of humor when I played Clementine in our third-grade play.

    • Bill Engvall: I have four dogs and two cats. So I guess you could say that I am an animal lover.

    • Bill Engvall (when asked about using a telepromter): When I do my stand-up, I don't use a teleprompter. I have it committed to memory.

    • Bill: Here's your sign.