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Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke


10/4/1957, Fontana, California

Birth Name

William Fagerbakke



Also Known As

Bill Faggerbakke, Bill Fagerbaake
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Trivia and Quotes

  • I think Bill has a better role than most of the main characters.

    Bill in my mind is awesome! It's just that I think that Bill has better roles in the shows that he does than most of the main characters. One example is Spongebob Squarepants. He does Patrick Starr's voice. Patrick is funnier than Spongebob, and Bill does such an unbelievable job with the uhhhhhhhh parts. I think that this is funnier than Spongebob's laugh. He also did Bulkhead's voice in Transformers Animated. I think he did excellent job. Some of the stuff Bulkhead says is really funny. Overall, awesome guy, a better talented co-star, Patrick's voice, and hope can get more great parts in the shows.moreless
  • It's hard to hate him.

    I'm sorry, I can never be angry when I listen to his role as Patrick of any of his other roles. He just sounds so happy all the time that it usually puts a smile on his face. He also gets a lot of credit for being able to say all of his more ridiculous lines in the happy-go-lucky way that the character in the show would do it. While Patrick Star is probably his most well know role, he does a lot of other roles too, like Tom Cullen in The Stand, or Hydro Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man. Hopefully he'll be around a while.moreless