Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg


12/27/1966, Tulsa , Oklahoma

Birth Name

William Scott Goldberg



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Goldberg played college football as a nose guard for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. He later played pro ball with the Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams. A knee injury ended his football career. It was Goldberg's girlfriend, Lex Luger and Steve "Sting" Borden. That convinced him to…more


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    • Goldberg's WCW entrance music resembled a slow military march. The wrestling fans would chant "Gold-Berg...Gold-Berg..." repeatedly. The chant sounded like a kid's taunting, but it was actually a show of respect for the champion.

    • Goldberg's Father Dr Jed Goldberg passed, 2005, July, 24th.

    • Goldberg recently purchased a 1963 Dodge A330 at the recent Barrett-Jackson auction. This brings the total number of cars he owns to 22. However he is still hoping for a McLaren F1

    • Goldberg is an advocate for animal rights and a vegetarian.

    • His WCW character was criticized by some (including Vince McMahon) as being a copy of that of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    • He studied Psychology at theUniversity of Georgia.

    • On April 10th, 2005 Goldberg married Wanda Feraton, a stunt woman whom he met while filming The Longest Yard. Their first born child, a son Gage A.J. Goldberg was born May 10, 2006.

      Wanda dreamed up the name Gage, the A.J. is intials from both their dads names, Allan and Jed.

    • Goldberg has had a longtime passion for cars and motorcycles and his collection consists of over two dozen vintage cars, including an all-original 1959 Chevrolet and a 2003 Ferrari Modina 360.

    • Automaniac host Bill Goldberg was named one of the 100 most powerful people in the sports industry by The Sporting News

    • Goldberg had only six official losses in his WCW career in singles matches. Three of those losses were against Bret "Hitman" Hart.

    • Goldberg won the WCW United States Champion on April 21, 1998, when he defeated Raven.

    • He made his professional debut on September 22, 1997 with WCW

    • He played college football at the University of Georgia, he played pro football with the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams, and was eventually signed by the Carolina Panthers.

    • In pro wrestling, Goldberg's finishing moves consist of:

      The Spear - a running football tackle

      The Jackhammer - A Vertical Suplex, where holds his opponent upside down on his shoulders, followed by a Powerslam, where he drives his opponent down on his back.

    • Goldberg wrestled in Japan after he left WCW.

    • His streak was 173 matches without a loss

    • Was first defeated in WCW by Kevin Nash

    • Goldberg won 43 match in a row which was refered to as "The Streak".

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