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  • Ep. #12000

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    S 48 : Ep 45 - 1/11/13

    Eric tells everyone that he can't proceed with the ceremony not after what was just said. Abigail apologizes to Gabi saying this wouldn't have happened if she hasn't asked Chad to be her date. Chad says she heard Gabi tell Cameron that Nick isn't the father, a fact that Hope is beginning to believe. Will steps in and shocks everyone that he say he is the father not Nick. Sonny is horrified over the revelation of the secret Will's been keeping from him. Abigail scolds Chad and is surprised after she tells him about Will. Sami rips into Gabi for keeping Will's child away from her, prompting Rafe to warn her not to talk to her that way. Lucas stops Will before he can make things worse with Sonny, cause everything has changed now that he's a father. Hope tells Doug and Julie that Nick believes this arrangement can still work.

  • Ep. #11987

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    S 48 : Ep 32 - 12/26/12

    Nick and Gabi catch Sonny and Will kissing under the mistletoe, Doug says he will see them at the hospital for the children's party. Daniel surprises Jennifer with some flowers. Kristen receives a visit from her family prompting Brady to sneak out the window. Cameron sees how close Abe and Kayla are becoming. Sami sees Brady in the clothes he had on the night before. Jennifer agrees to read the Christmas story at the hospital. Lucas invites Kate as well as Billie over to Jennifer's house later today. Stefano offers his holiday greetings to Chad, Kristen and E.J. via webcam. Will convinces Gabi, Sonny and Nick to call a truce for the day. E.J. asks Sami where this thing there doing is heading. Eric prays to God for getting him through his first Christmas Eve mass. Abigail asks Chad over to her house since he is at the coffee house all alone. Sonny is touched when Lucas makes a donation to PFLAG in his name.

  • Ep. #11986

    Full Episode

    S 48 : Ep 31 - 12/25/12

    Doug and Julie arrive at Jennifer's for Christmas. Abigail tells Daniel he's glad he is making his mother happy. Kristen explains her plan to E.J. about her plan to get to John by seducind Brady. Marlena and Roman give Eric something over his first sermon for midnight mass. Victor is touched by a gift from Daniel, Brady, Bo and Justin. Sami is delighted when Rafe was able to get that certain gift for Sydney. Julie is concerned about Nick's upcoming wedding to Gabi. Hope tells Ciara that being here with her and Bo is the greatest gift she could ever receive. Kayla tells Sami after seeing E.J. at the pub if he'll be staying. Lucas tells Sonny he is glad he is joining at the rest of the family for the holidays. Eric tells Nicole he would love it if she attended tonight service, but refuses knowing E.J. will be there. Hope joins in the annual tree decorating via webcam as everyone hangs their ornament. Nicole gets her wish afte getting a video message from Sydney saying she loved her present.

  • Frasier Has Spokane

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 22 - 5/7/02

    When Frasier radio show becomes syndicated in Spokane and replaces the local radio icon's show, his callers are angry.
  • The Showplace

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 21 - 3/3/58

    Casey poses as a nightclub entertainer.