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  • Go and read Sam Mettlers review

    Do you Care?
  • Great voice.

    Saw him on SNL one night he was pretty funny making fun of himself.
  • Wonderful delivery and voice.

    A talented writer, producer, and narrator/host. Bill Kurtis started his career as a news anchor. He now produces and narrates several successful crime documentary series. American Justice profiles many major murder cases and follows the story from crime and background of case all the way through to its trial, verdict, and appeal. Well written and intriguing, the show is very entertaining and informative and in my case was even shown to us at my police academy. Cold Case Files is another crime series that, obviously from the title, takes cold cases that have recently been solved and profiles them from beginning to end. Bill Kurtis lends his smooth matter-of-fact voice to the narrative of each of these shows. Mr. Kurtis' well known voice was even parodied by Darrell Hammond on Saturday Night Live. Mr. Kurtis is one of the all-time great voice-over artist of the time.